He Said, She Said: Slaves In A Foreign World

Cold.  Feeling of cold stone on my naked skin.  Memories of the sky swallowing me.  Nausea.  Must fight nausea.  I feel weak, and then I realize the terrible smell there mixing sweat, excrement, urine, and mold.  The nausea must come from here.  I don’t dare opening my eyes, but there are no sounds that I can make out.  I decide to look around and realize that I’m naked in what seems to be a small and crude cell.  This explains the smells.  I see a faint door through the bars and decide to see where I am.

I can see a long corridor with cells on both sides, some empty, some occupied, all are naked and humans.  I try to talk with the guy in front of me, my throat feels a little parched when I try to talk.  I wonder how long I’ve been here…

“Hey, yes you there, excuse me, could you tell me where we are?”

“You just woke up here? You’re in the slave prisons.”

“Where? What town?”

“You’re in Calimport.”

Never heard about his town and when I try to get some more info a guard comes up.  A strange creature: humanoid, human height, blue crystals all over his body, light leather armor, carrying short sword and manacles.

“Ah, you’re finally awake,” he says.  “Step back from the bars.”

Another guard comes up and I decide to obey.  There’s no point trying to fight if you don’t know your opponent.  They open up the cell and put me in handcuffs and walk me off to the end of the hall.

I’m brought to a larger room with a desk and behind it is another of the humanoids.  As soon as I enter he asks me to sit.  He looks like the guard but instead this icy blue color, this one has fiery red gems on his body.

“I have questions for you,” begins the red guy.

“I have questions for you too.”   This answer bringing instantaneously a smack at the back of my head by the guard that has followed me.

“You will not speak until spoken to.”

From there a series of questions and answer led me to think that my situation is not bright.  They don’t believe that I come from Jolzin on Aereth, but insist on the fact that we are supposed to be in the city of Calimport, country of Calimshan on the world of Toril.  Never heard those names before.  Even the map I’ve drawn for them don’t seem to make them believe me.  Names can change from one side of the world to another, but something lead me to think I’m really somewhere else.  And where is Joelle?  I must not ask the question and show I may care for another slave, who knows what they could do, what they have already done.

At the end of the interview, I know that I’m a slave, about to be sold and that they are going to dress me (finally), but my story of black tendrils in the sky is not a good thing for me.  They don’t hope I’ll give them a good price, I may become a dispensable resource.  This is not going well.

In the hour, I am given some simple robes and brought into a viewing area.  I see Joelle and run towards her.  A guard tries to grab me but misses.  I kiss her, hold her, look at her and have many questions to know how she is and how she was treated.  She does the same and we are quickly separated.  I’m glad to see she looks not too bad.

We’re put behind bars on a sort of stage.  There are two Halflings in line with us.  One of the strange humanoid appears with a drow.  They seem to be on business as we are all described one by one, like merchandise.  On Joelle’s turn, the humanoid insists on the fact that she is a very pretty half-elf.  “Don’t you dare touch her!!” I yell.  The humanoid adds: “That’s the human of the group – he’s 15g because he’s human.”  It’s like I haven’t spoken, like I don’t exist.

The drow then decides to tell what he thinks of us: “I’ll take the eladrin and elf, long life spans… they’ll be of use to us.  And we’re down a couple women in the harem.  The half-elf has got good hips on her.  She could help restock our slave supply.  Humans – they’re fun to kick around…”  This won’t help our feelings toward drows.  I know Joelle hates them, as does every single elf I’ve met.  I didn’t know the drows, but I already despise this one.  The two haggle the price and it’s settled.

We’re surrounded by 6 guards put in line in front of the door behind which some screams have been heard.

“These are going to the Genasi Trading Company – they need to be marked.”

We’re branded on the arms, but Joelle asks if she can get it somewhere else.  They say she can have her rear branded and she lifts her robes.  Sometimes, this woman has no shame…

After the little ceremony, we hear: “You are property of the Genasi Trading Company.”

Who are Genasis?  And what do they want with us?  The drow gets our clothing for us, but keeps our weapons.  They take us to the slave house and board us there.  Joelle is muttering about drows and their filthy habits.  Robinn the Eladrin adds that he wouldn’t piss on a drow if he was on fire.  The mood is decidedly bad.  At least we are all together, in a good health.  That could have been really worse.

Stay tuned for Joelle’s side of the story… next on He Said, She Said.

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