Personal Ad Makeover: “Fox” (AFTER)

Fox’s profile wasn’t bad to begin with… but it wasn’t good either.  It had cheesy moments, slashlists, clichés, and a confusing laundry list of qualifications for his future match.

I’ve cleaned him up so he’s his foxy best!

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Headline: It is the beating of his hideous heart!

Open up a book of ghost stories and let’s get to the good stuff.  Give me some Edgar Allan Poe or H.P. Lovecraft and I’m a happy guy!  Halloween may be over, but I still love anything haunted, creepy, or weird.   My job as a graphic designer and photographer feeds my creative side by day.  After work, you can find me in classes working on my second degree or enjoying local talent or a good round of pool.

You’re the girl in class, at the bookstore, or maybe the comedy club.  You have a contagious laugh and a sparkle of mischief in your eyes.  You’re up for discussing the workings of the world over coffee, friendly debate about pieces of modern art at the museum, or cheering for our team at a hockey game. Ever been to the Palace of Wax?  If so, who is your favorite wax figure?   Haven’t been there?  Let me be that guy who takes you there as a first date!

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