He Said, She Said: Incarcerated

I wake up in a cold cell wearing only a tattered cloth robe.  There are cells across from me with three other females – one elf, one half-elf and one of a race I don’t recognize.  I ask the half-elf where we are.  She claims we’re in Calimport in Calimshan.  I’ve never heard of this place before – we were in Punjar and there is nowhere near Punjar with this name.

I call over the guard.  He says I’ve been asleep for a week.  My group was found in the middle of a street with no traveling papers.  What are traveling papers?  I’ve never needed traveling papers before!  I ask where my husband is and if I can go see him, but the guard says that I’m in prison, not day camp.  We’re going to be sold into slavery.  With that, he walks off.

In the hour, I am brought into a viewing area.  I see my handsome husband running towards me.  A guard tries to grab him, but he avoids him and runs to hug me.  We are able to speak for a brief moment before the guard grabs him and moves him back into place.   This is some sort of stage and we are behind bars in it, our original group (minus the drow – no loss there!), along with two Halflings.

An earthy looking humanoid walks in, escorting a drow.  (Just when I thought maybe this place didn’t have any…)  The earthy one speaks of us as if we aren’t in the room.

“We have an Eladrin here.  He’s been bound so he can’t teleport.  We’ll give you the key if you want it.”

“The elf has been very cooperative, he’d make a loyal slave.”

“The half elf is very pretty.”  – Andric shouts at them not to touch me.  His protectiveness is so adorable.  Nevermind that if I were feeling better I could burn the two slavers from where I stand.  It’s good to know I have my brawny handsome husband to back me up.  There are some comments made by the slavers about how I’d be useful for restocking the slave supply.  No thank you!  If I’m going to breed, it’ll be with my husband.

After the drow negotiates the prices for us, the crusty earthy humanoids put us in a line in front of the door and bring us to a room where we are to be marked as property of the Genasi Trading Company.   Everyone is getting branded on their arms but I’m thinking ahead.   When I escape, I don’t need a slave brand out where the world can see.   I ask if I can be branded somewhere else and they say my arse is the only other option.   Great!  I turn around, bend over, and lift my robes.  Two searing brands later, I am ready for future escape.  Can’t say my companions showed as much forsight…

The drow gets our clothing for us, but our weapons are gone.  We are boarded in a slave house for the night.

“I don’t want to be owned by a drow,” says Robinn, who still manages to keep the stately Eladrin aura despite our circumstances.

“Me either,” I mutter.  “Dirty blackies.  My mother’s told me stories about blackies – their hearts are as dark as their skin.”

Robinn nods.  “I wouldn’t piss on a drow if he was on fire.”

Just when I thought there couldn’t be a place worse to be than Punjar, here we are in this place called Calimport… and owned by a drow.  Kill me now.

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