Dipping The Pen In The Company Ink

There is an age-old adage that warns “Don’t dip your pen in the company ink.”  There is another adage that relates the same concept to excrement and food, but I won’t go there.  (Or maybe I just did?)

Either way, there are lots of questions when it comes to dating and co-workers:

Should you date someone you work with?

Should you date a superior?

Should you date someone you supervise?

What do you do when you see the online dating profile of a coworker?

Yes or No?

The first thing to consider when you have an interest with someone at work is whether or not your company has a policy regarding relationships in the workplace.  Most strongly discourage relationships amongst employees, but others are more lenient.

The second is to think about the pros and cons of the situation.  Sure, that girl may be totally hot and the best programmer on your team, but what happens if your flirting is taken the wrong way?  What happens if you do get together, but have a horrible break-up?   Are you ready to risk your job for the chance to find the love of your life?  That all depends on the job and your confidence in being able to handle any situations that may come up as a result of the relationship.

Bosses and Grunts

Zug-zug.  It’s generally advised never to date someone that you supervise.  It causes a lot of questions about your professionalism, even if you can maintain total neutrality.   Unless you’re ready to transfer to a new department or a new job, don’t date the grunts.

What if you are the grunt?  Tread carefully.  Are you ready to defend yourself against nasty co-workers who will accuse you of getting preferential treatment?  Can you have the same kind of professional respect for seomeone you’ve seen naked?

Finding a Familiar Face

You’re surfing your favorite online dating service and see a familiar face staring back at you.  It’s that redhead girl from the cube in the corner in Accounting!  What should you do?

If You’re Interested In Her

  • Plan A:  Let her know in real life!  Find a time to talk to her at the coffee station, while making copies, in the lunchroom.  Strike up a relationship without using the internet.  I know you can do it if you try!
  • Plan B:  Send her an email on the dating site.  If you’re in a large office, make a witty quip about where you live in Cubeville.

If You’re Not Interested In Her

  • Plan A:  Do nothing.  Pass on by.  Nothing to see here.
  • Plan B:  Send her an email on the dating site, wishing her luck and letting her know that if she wants to trade funny online dating stories, to find you in the lunchroom.  (By the way, if you’re doing Match.com’s 6 Month Guarantee, this will count as one of your emails!)

Watch Your Pen!

There are no rules when it comes to finding your true love.   However, there are consequences that are a reality if you dip your pen in the company ink.  Weigh the pros and cons, put your thinking cap on, and wait it out before you make the decision to use that inkwell.

Happy Dating, Geek Friends.

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