Top Ten Reasons to Hunt Geeks In Their Natural Habitat

I have only once found a boyfriend in a place other than the internet.

There.  I said it!

When I saw this postcard on PostSecret, I had a good chuckle, because it could have been written by me.

So where does a geek hunt for a man?  On the internet, of course!

Top Ten Reasons To Hunt Geeks In Their Natural Habitat

10.  I get withdrawal jitters if I’m away from the internet for more than a few hours.  I need someone who at least understands this malady if he’s not afflicted with it himself.

9.  You won’t find many geeks out at bars or dance clubs.

8.  You can find the love of your life while playing Facebook games, blogging about your D&D campaign, IMing with your friends, and watching House.

7.  The girl at the Friendly Local Gaming Store feels slightly uncomfortable being in a place so awash with testosterone.  (You try being the only taco at the sausage fest!)  Try to hit on her here and you’ll be shot down.

6.  The girl at your D&D game is already taken.

5.  The single girl at your D&D game is nobody you’d want to see when you wake up in the morning.  Let’s face it, you’re only okay with your dwarf sleeping next to her elf. Or maybe she feels that way about YOU. ;-)

4.  Geeks usually make much better first impressions on paper than in person.

3.  Geeks are often people with busy schedules – we’re working, studying, blogging, gaming.   But there’s one thing we’re sure to check daily (hourly, every minute?) – email.

2.  Some geeks are shy folks that don’t always open up in person.   We’re more comfortable having first meetings over IMs and then moving into the real world when we’re confident that you really like us.

1.  Why shoot fish in the ocean when you can shoot fish in a barrel?

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