He Said, She Said: Wizard Training

Since it appears the gods want us to be in Almraiven to help the people of Calimshan, my only course of action is to learn whatever I can about the magic of this world.

All I can say is that it feels different than the magic of Aereth.  There are some things that are similar, but others that are so different.

It’s hard to explain in words.

The wizards of Almraiven wanted me to teach them of the magic of Aereth and in return they would teach me of the magic of Toril.   It only seemed fair, but I wanted my information first, so it was off to the library!

The library of Almraiven is huge, lined with shelves upon shelves of books describing all the magic and history of the land of Toril.  I certainly have my work cut out for me!

Week One:

  • I spend mornings in the library, reading about the history of magic in the land of Toril.
  • I take a break from reading to eat lunch with my husband, who blathers on about fortifying the city.  I nod idly while my mind mulls over what I had read in the morning.
  • In the afternoons, I read spellbooks and rituals from both before and after the Spellplague.  I experiment with some new spells but am finding this new magic harder to master than my native arcana.

Week Two:

  • I spend the mornings in the library, reading as many books as I can get my hands on.  There is so much to learn and so little time in which to do it if we want to help the wizards defeat the Genasi.
  • My husband is very excited about his work fortifying the city.  I’m very excited about my research, but I listen to him instead.  It makes him feel important when he gets to share his battle tales.
  • The afternoons are spent with the wizards of Almraiven.  I pick their brains about their magic, a sort of mind control magic that I have not yet seen in use.  My favorite spell is one that convinces the target that the ground has disappeared from beneath their feet.I teach the wizards the magic taught to me by my uncle Ayin.  I also tell them of the spells that I had read about in Aereth and seen cast by more powerful wizards.  Some of magic is actually similar, especially the spells that call upon the powers of the elements.

    I am fascinated by this mind control magic and wish to learn more of it while I am housed in the city.  I think that this type of magic will be very useful when it comes to the type of mission the gods have sent us to complete.

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