Personal Ad Makeover Contest: “Hammer” (BEFORE)

No, I’m not writing a dating profile for Nathan Fillion.  I would probably die of a fangirl heart attack if he ever popped his pretty little head into my corner of the blogosphere.  Felicia Day has commented a couple times, so a girl can dream, right?  I LOVE YOU CAPTAIN HAMMER!


The winner of the November Personal Ad Makeover Contest would like to go by the code name “Hammer.”  He’s a 21 year old man in the UK.

Let’s take a look at what his profile looks like right now:


Looking Forward To The Winter Snow

About Me and Who I’m Looking For

I’m a final year student, studying politics, and no I don’t have my eye on political office ;)
That doesn’t mean I’m lacking ambition though: I’m planning on doing a Masters degree next year.
I’m a studious guy, but I like to take things easy as well, and enjoy relaxing with a good book, a videogame or a DVD.  I also dabble with photography – mostly buildings and landscapes- and cookery.

I’m looking for that special someone that is rather unique. I like people who don’t just go along with the crowd and have an independent mind. Someone who can challenge me on all sorts of issues and beliefs.
An interest in politics would be awesome, as long as we can agree to disagree on some things.
An interest in gaming, (video and good old fashioned pen and paper RPGs) would be pretty cool as well. Most games more fun with two after all.

for fun:

I spend a lot of time reading, and I’m currently trying to improve my film knowledge after three years of hardly watching any movies at all. I enjoy video games and RPGs, but I don’t have as much time for them as I would like these days.

my job:

I’m a full time student, studying politics. Hopefully going on to do a Masters degree next

my education:

I’m in the last months of my MA at Glasgow Uni.
Enjoyed it so much that I’m planning on doing a Masters degree in politics next year.

favorite hot spots:

One of the advantages of Glasgow is the number of nice bars and cafes there. I’m a fan of the traditional pubs, especially ones with real ale. I’m equally at home in a cocktail bar though.

last read:

Last book I finished reading was Ben Elton’s “Blind Faith”. It was ok, but not as good as his earlier novels.
I’m currently reading the Alastair Campbell Diaries and Philip K. Dick’s “The Simularca”.

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