He Said, She Said: Fortification of Almraiven

The wizards of Almraiven have given me the following task:

Because of your knowledge of warfare, you have been asked to join the city guard to help strengthen their defenses.  In the process, you will learn more about the Genasi battle tactics, their leadership structure and desert warfare.

Week 1:

As the old manuals say, know your enemy.  I’ll spend my first week this way:

  • Morning training with the soldier of the militia. Getting to know them, to know their strength and have a better understanding of the area (patrols, getting their experience of actual fights against Genasis, and their potential allies).
  • Lunch with Joelle, what would be a day without her.
  • Afternoon, between the academy and the library, getting as much information as possible on the genasis.  I will also discuss with some wizards on how they would fight against Genasis, get actual facts about fights against them, their known strength and weaknesses.
  • Diner with Joelle, what would be a night without her.  Followed by a discussion on arcane facts about the Genasis, I know she’ll get a lot of information being inside the academy all day.

Week 2:

  • Day 1: With everything I know about the area, our strength, our weaknesses and our enemies, I’ll spend the day to prepare an action plan. I hate acting without planning.
  • Day 2: Calling a meeting with officer of the militia and wizards of the Academy. Exposing my reflexions about our chances. The fact that our enemy rely a lot on its arcana background is our best hope. For every soldier of the militia, a wizard must also train to help defending the town. Soldiers will be the steel against the steel, wizard the magic against the magic. It is time to have some more coordination between all the people of this town.If we act against them, they will eventually try to attack the town. Some examples of defense are putting fire wizards near the river. Water/Ice Genasis would attack from there and would probably be more susceptible to fear fire magic.
  • Day 3-5: Time to recruit wizards that will be able to help the soldiers. Forming pairs, they will have to learn to weave their differences into one strong force.Being used to working with both weapons and magic, I will be the teacher.   I’ll ask one of the wizards of the Academy to help me, showing some of the things I had learned with the elves.
  • Day 6-7: I will take some of the most promising pairs to perform some operations in the area. I will be able to see what they are worth (in a very little time) and also have them see what it is to really fight. (There are probably big game to catch in the nearby woods).

What has been done during days 3-7 of week two, will be repeated, under my monitoring, or officers of the militia (that will be paired with teachers of the academy).

The most important thing to do will be to equip soldiers with magical weapons that would help the work with the wizards.

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