He Said, She Said: Rocks like Cotton Candy

My hubby is off fortifying the city and training folks.  The darkie is off in Memnon making some contacts that will supposedly benefit us.  Robinn has returned from a nearby human settlement that he is certain would go down if attacked.  I chat a bit about the magic of Toril, but my thoughts are with my husband.  It’s rare that we don’t eat together.

An Almraiven guard comes in to talk with us.  There’s a skirmish of sorts just outside town and he’s hoping that we could investigate.  He leads us on top of the town wall where we can see the scuffle about a mile out.

We get closer and find 30-40 people, mostly Genasi and a few humans, going at it.  Some are fighting one-on-one, others are getting beaten by multiple opponents.   We stand back for a bit to assess the situation… what should we do about this?

Some of the group are wearing red tunics.  The rest are wearing beige.  The flagbearers stand on either side of the battleground.  We recognize the crest of Memnon on the red flag.  The beige Genasi bear a symbol that looks like a trident.   We’re not sure that we recognize it.

As the battle rages on, the Memnonites seem to be losing.

I fluff up my hair and go to talk to the beige army’s standardbearer.  He eyes me appreciatively and says that they were marching towards Calimport from their town and met up with the Memnonites and got into a fight.   His people believe in Calim.  Interesting.

My friends and I back off to find a safer place to watch the battle unfold.    We learn a bit about how the Genasi fight, which I know my husband would have loved to see.  The flagbearer from Memnon throws down his flag and leaves as only two of his men remain against ten of the beige warriors.

They chase the Memnonites.  When they’re far enough away, we sneak in and loot the Memnonites’ bodies.  We find a decent longsword and some pocket change.  We find one well-dressed Genasi body next to a hand-carved chest.  Just as we’re arguing over who is going to unlock it, Robinn realizes that it is unlocked.  There’s a TON of gold in it – maybe 300-400 thousand.

As we’re drooling, we realize that the beige warriors are returning.  Robinn turns the chest into a rock and we load the rock on to my floating disk.

“What happened to the chest?” the warriors demand.

“Some guy ran off with it!” Robinn says.

“It was a heavy chest.”

“Well, he more… schlepped it.”  Robinn somehow manages to make this sound convincing.  We point away from Almraiven and say the thief went that way.   They check the bodies and realize we didn’t loot any of their dead.  However, we’re really not sure we want to leave any Genasi alive – especially some that were witness to our involvement in this scuffle.  I hit the two soldiers with my Thunderwave and they both collapse to the ground.   The leader screams out for help.  The three of us finish him quickly, with my Cloud of Daggers finishing him off.

We turn around to see the leader’s reinforcements turn on their heels and run away.  I have to admit, if I saw my leader taken down by daggers of force, I’d probably back off too!

We’d loot him, but we’re rich now, why do we need to loot bodies?  We’d feel guilty about stealing their money, but if they believe in Calim and were heading to Calimport, it stands to reason that they were supporting the wrong side of this battle.     We can keep the money for our cause.

The guards at the gates of Almraiven are curious about our giant rock on a floating disk.   We tell them that we’ve never seen rocks this color in our world and that we wanted to bring it back to study it.  Somehow we say that rocks are the color of cotton candy on Aereth.  The guards are amazed and smile a bit, probably thinking about us sitting in our room in the inn, staring at a rock.

If they only knew…

We count the gold and find that divided four ways (me, Andric, Robinn and Ruairen).   The elves are in agreement that the drow should not have a cut of our money.  Of course, when Andric comes home, he is not amused by the events of the day.  He schools us about what we should have done.  Blah blah blah.  We’re in a strange land with no family, no real friends, and no way to support ourselves.  This money was a gift from the gods to help us on our quest.   He can be all goodie two-boots if he wants, but I’m not listening.

…for Andric’s side of the gold issue, stay tuned!

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