Tis The Season To Get Desperate, Fa La La La La, La La La La!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Or is it?

The holidays can be tough when you’re single.  There’s mistletoe hanging in the most inconvenient locations.  The radio stations are playing sappy Christmas love songs.  Your buddies are asking for your input on gifts for girlfriends, wives, kids.  Maybe you’re really lucky and you have a friend with a ring and a play-by-play on how he’s planning to propose on Christmas Eve.

And there you are, the bachelor, with nobody to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s night.

It’s enough to make anyone a little desperate.

Not-So-Secret:  We’re Desperate Too

Just about every single person feels that little twang of desperation during the holiday season.  Sometimes it’s compounded by the recent passing of Thanksgiving, where we had to answer those questions from the relatives:

“Are you seeing anyone special?”

“When are you going to get married?”

“I’m not getting any younger – when will I have grandbabies?”

We’d like to have answers to these questions.  (We’d rather not have to answer the questions at all, but that will never happen.  For some families, this is their brand of love.)   Either way, it’s enough to drive a girl to an online dating site to try to find somebody, ANYBODY to date.

Why Desperation Is A Bad Thing

Desperation can lead to a lowering of standards.

You normally wouldn’t date someone who does drugs, but other than the occasional marijuana use, she seems like a great girl!   Oh, and every once in a while she parties and does ecstasy.  No biggie!  She’s a free spirit…  Yeah, that’s it…

Beware of the lowered standards.  Will you want to date this person in the long term or is this just a band-aid relationship to get through the holidays?  Geek, know thyself.

Why Desperation Is A Good Thing

On the other hand, when you’re feeling a little desperate, you may be more open to chatting with people who you’d pass by if you were in a more confident mood.  Sometimes, someone with a not-so-great profile turns out to be totally funny and witty in person.  A twinge of desperation may give you a reason to give that person a chance.

Ladies who normally sit back and wait for guys to email them may be more assertive in the holiday season to attempt to find someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve.  That’s right – they will email YOU!  Now is the time to have a great profile!

Ways To Feel Good For The Holidays

We seek out love for the holidays so we can feel validated and valued during a very emotional time of the year.  If you’d rather not jump into a romantic relationship, why not find a way to bring the joy of the holidays to the less fortunate?  Go through your closet and donate clothes to Goodwill.  Buy some toys to give to Toys for Tots.   Snag an angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree at your local mall.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter, food bank, or soup kitchen.  Give your love in other ways and you’ll get the warm fuzzies with no chance of guilt come the new year.

Happy dating, Geek Friends.

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