He Said She Said: Never Leave Your Group Without A Leader

Never leave your group alone. When you say that you want to assume the part of the leader in a group, you have to be there at all time.

You see, I was still working on the fortifications for Almraiven, when the group came to me, saying things about going out or whatever.  I was really deeply involved in a conversation with some officers to set up the watches and the pairs between wizards and soldiers and I hadn’t time.  I was sure that my wife would oversee that everything was fine there.

To say I’ve been disappointed is an understatement…

They encounter armed forces, watched a fight, got involved in some way and came back with hundreds of thousands of gold pieces. After asking some questions, it seems they have mislead the persons that previously owned the money into a false trail. My thought on that is that they stole money from an army that may want it back, let witnesses that can recognize them go away and took no real precaution than hiding the chest in a curious illusion.

My wife being the nicest person I know have decided that I should get a part of the money which is very sensitive. But this money is dangerous, and maybe dirty and the wizards of Almraiven may need it to help secure the town.  I’ve decided to give my full share to the town.

And you’d think that they would be thankful after taking us by force here, having us help them in their war and me giving them about 80k gold pieces, but no, noithing! It makes me wonder if this town and those people deserve to be saved…

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