MSL: Star Wars Clone Wars Edition

A first for Geek’s Dream Girl… Minis Seeking Love for Star Wars minis!  I have a couple boosters of The Clone Wars and thought it would be fun to write personal ads for a few of these space folks!

Are you ready to see the inner desires of…

  • Aqualish Warrior
  • Clone Trooper on Gelagrub
  • IG-86 Assassin Droid
  • Neimoidian Warrior
  • Trandoshan Scavenger
  • Human Soldier of Fortune
  • Quarren Isolationist
  • and last but not least… General Grievous!

Aqualish Warrior

I’m all about these Clone Wars.

Anything to give me an excuse to kill people and take their things.  Mostly though, I’m just interested in killing people.  You could call me bloodthirsty and you wouldn’t be wrong.

I’m looking for a lady who has the same bloodthirst as me.  Nothing looks sexier than when you’re wiping blood from your tusks.

Clone Trooper on Gelagrub

Please don’t judge me by my ride.   Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I promise you that when I’m not at war, I have a vehicle that’s a little more respectable.

At least I have this helmet on so nobody can recognize me…

I hope.

IG-86 Assassin Droid

Droids need love too!  Especially assassin droids.  My missions always involve death.  Kill this commander, kill that commander.  I’d love to come home to someone who can oil my aching joints and tell me stories about things that don’t involve death.  If you’re a maid droid who cleans up after a brood of messy children, I’d love to hear your stories.

Help me find some balance.

Neimoidian Warrior

Most Neimoidians are only after money, and I’ll be honest, that was me for several years.  But I realized I wanted more.  I wanted to go to war, I wanted to see the world and kill its people for fun and profit.  After some time in the war, I’ve realized there isn’t much profit to be gained killing people.  If you’ve got a good family business that’s profitable, I’d like to join your family, marry you, and spend the rest of my years being your business manager.

Sound good to you?  It sounds good to me!

Trandoshan Scavenger

I’m the best scavenger I know.  Weapons, armor, technology, clothing, jewelry… you name it, I have it!  I have a whole cache of exciting things that I’ve acquired over the years and I can’t wait to share them with a beautiful T’doshok woman.

I know this is a little kinky to put in a personal ad, but I know what I want, so I’m going to put it out there!   I want a woman to ravage me, scratch me, bite me, all of that!  Regeneration has its advantages!

Human Solider of Fortune

Gotta love wartime.  Business is good for a gun-for-hire like me.  If you don’t mind dating a mercenary, I’d love to have a woman to come home to (when I get to come home).  Human, Zeltron, Twi’lek, I’m not picky on race as long as you’re pretty.

My most impressive weapon is the one I’ll introduce you to later… wink wink.

Quarren Isolationist

Civil war, Schmivil war.  We all know who is on the right side of this battle.  Either way, when this is all over, I’d like a nice girl to spend time with.  I want to stroke your tentacles.

I have the most manly moobs in all the galaxy – they drape ever so sexy-like over my shiny belt.   You know you love it.

General Grievous
General BadAss

You will notice that I have not one, not two, but FOUR LIGHTSABERS.  Four.  I am just THAT talented.  Thus, I need not one, not two, but FOUR WOMEN.  That’s right.  I need a veritable harem to keep up with all of me.  I’m a machine – well, I’m mostly a machine.  Either way, I need a lot of women to keep up with me.  If I like you, you’ll be around for a long time.  If we don’t get along, well… I have four lightsabers.  Your death will be quick and (relatively) painless.

Happy Holidays, Geek Friends!

Posting will be sporadic while I’m out of town.

Get off the computer and enjoy your friends and family.

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