Product Review: Dice Tray from Dwarven Sweatshoppe

In my neverending quest to be as much like Martin Ralya as possible (oh, to be even close to his beautiful red-headed gnome-iness!), of course I wanted a dice tray from Dwarven Sweatshoppe after seeing his review.   I ordered up my very own dice tray, waited very impatiently for it to arrive, and have been loving it ever since!

Wondering why you should drop $20-$40 on a dice tray when your table rolls dice just fine?  Read the details below to make an informed decision!

I’ll Start With The Downside

Handmade dice trays take a long time to make.  If you’re impatient, you may want to either get some patience or not get a dice tray.  Wait time is a minimum of two weeks, sometimes more if they’re backlogged.  The good thing is that the dwarves will let you know where your tray is in its creation process and about when you can expect it to arrive.

Good Things… Lots of Them!

Lots of Choices

You choose the type of wood, the number of sides, and the shape of the wood.  I chose the tapered model, which starts thicker at the bottom and thins out at the top.

There’s also a ton of choices for the color felt to go inside the tray.  Mine is a rose pink colored interior with swirls that are a bit like big fingerprints.  Very spiffy.

Quality Craftsmanship

I am very impressed with the tray.   There’s not a blemish or crooked bit on it!  The dwarves really care about making these trays sturdy, beautiful, and ready to take the abuse of years of dice rolling.

Rollin’ Good Times!

Sure, I still roll a critical miss once in a while, but on the whole, the tray has treated me very well.  (The good news is with the Pound O’Dice, I can “fire” poorly performing dice.)

Go On And Get One!

Just like Marsbarn’s Dice Bags, these are good gamer swag at a great price.

Dwarven Sweatshoppe: Email dwarvensweatshoppe AT gmail DOT com.

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