He Said, She Said: Up the Mountain, Down the Hill

Money, money, money! It all boils down to that I suppose. From all my companions, only my wife gave her money to the city. She kept a really little amount for her so that she could buy some equipment. It seems that I have been too hasty; I should have done the same. She thinks much more than me about these details. This is why I love her that much.

We were still doing all our work for the town when Shynte, our drow companion (as it seems he is now), comes back from his assignment to tell us that he may have found something to help us in our ‘quest’. One of his contacts from Memnon, Grey Fox, has told him that if we can find for him an amulet in some catacombs, he may be able to help us. It seems that we have no other clue right now on how to defeat the Genasi or how to go back home, so why not try this.

So we leave Almraiven to go to Suldolphur, a town that we can reach crossing some mountains. This is a nice travel where we can discover what this new world has to offer in fauna and plants. Nothing major happens during the 3 days trip, but Joelle keeps on eyeing the drow with a really dark look, muttering something about thieving and gold. It seems that our dark elf companion has not been happy to get no share of the money that was retrieved and that I got some without participating. As I said, money will make them lose their minds if they go on like that. Joelle even pretends that the drow tried to pick her pockets. I don’t know what he would gain in that. I’ll have to settle the dispute between those two one day before it degenerates. Maybe when we get back to Almraiven…

On the last night of the travel, we stop at a monastery. This is a place for weary traveler to stop in those mountains. The place has very simple cells to sleep and simple food that the monks grow, but the welcome is warm and the place is filled by children that play, people that talk and monks that … pray. I spend most of the evening to help at the monastery to pay for our stay. I wish some of my companions would help me but it seems they have better to do. At one point, when I’m cutting wood outside, I hear some commotion inside. During supper I hear people talking about a thief that was chased by a monk. And yet another person causing trouble because of money…

The next morning, an old man is waiting for us next to our rooms. He is accompanied by another monk and they accuse Shynte to be the thief. They don’t really have other proof than what this monk is saying, but Joelle has this ‘told you so’ look, which is actually followed by a real ‘told you so’.

I can’t have this kind of problem stopping us in our travel. Shynte is the only one that knows the contact that can help us and I really can afford to lose whatever information he may have that may be able to get us home. The old man doesn’t look upset either and is very quiet when he talks with me, but usually monks are not known for great displays of character. I ask if there are any ways we can repay for the trouble he may have caused, that I’m ready to answer for him. The old man says that he wants to help the drow coming back to right and thus he asks us to take his young apprentice with us so that he can teach him what is right and wrong. This makes Joelle chuckle.

I fear that this travel is getting more and more complicated; what did I do to Kord to deserve so many troubles. As I want this to end quickly and without any trouble, I accept the old man’s request. Having another party member in this mission may prove a good thing in the end.

After this, we pack up and leave to Suldolphur. We head directly to the place where the crypt is. According to Shynte, the paw of one of the Gargoyle will open the way. The main problem is that the place we go to is ‘Gargoyle City’. They are everywhere. We are ready to try to pull all the paws of all the gargoyles there, when I realize that one of the gargoyles near me is set up in a way that it covers something. Like an underground passage. That is my lucky day, at last! I lift the paw and the gargoyle moves, leaving a 2ft wide opening, going underground.

I crack a sunrod, and Joelle points to me that she can cast light. Years of training with the elves and I’m already forgetting the fundamentals. This trip will kill me, I fear. I decide to go first in the cave, what has fate in store for us…

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