Traveling Characters: When Your Love For a Character Exceeds The Lifespan of Your Game Group

It’s more than just a rogue.  It’s Tarissa, the busty and brawny human that can go from sugar-sweet flirt to sinister assassin in the blink of an eye.  You crafted her backstory with love, sweat, and tears.

She’s been the most fun you’ve ever had roleplaying.

You spend all week at work daydreaming about what trouble she’s going to get into on Saturday night.


Your gaming group disbands.

Oh noes!

What I Would Do

I’ve been lucky.  Mielka and Joelle’s groups will be resuming in the near future after a short holiday.   But I do miss Mar’Kessa.  When the 4e version of Eberron comes out, I’m thinking of how to bring her back.

Since I write campaign logs for my games, my characters are out in the open for all to see.  I get attached to them and from the feedback I’ve gotten, several of you have gotten attached as well!

I think the easiest way to keep a character would be to write a new segment of backstory that bridges the gap between the old campaign and the new.

Using Mar’Kessa as an example, I could write about how and why she left her old adventuring group (most likely because of the “other” drow, who she sarcastically dubbed Salacious).

If the new group was starting back at level 1, the backstory could include reasons why her skills are a bit rusty.  Did she live off the land and try to come to terms with the death of Eko the gnoll?  Maybe she just decided to hang up her bow, since she was so bad at shooting things in the first place.

If the new group started at a higher level, the backstory could include a tale of adventure where Mar’Kessa picked up a few new tricks.   She could find Frank the half-giant cleric and go on crazy adventures with him.  (I still wish that I had Frank’s player in my new group.  I miss that guy!)   Actually, what I really see Mar’Kessa doing is some sort of Sweeney Todd operation… a respectable shop wherein she can deal out vigilante justice… or maybe just steal stuff from people she doesn’t like.

Either way, a simple bridge story is a great way to resurrect a well-loved character should you not want to roll up a new one.

What Have You Done?

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