Open Call for Writers for Goodman Games’ New Book of Rituals!

Ever wanted to be a PAID RPG writer? (I have!)

Goodman Games has just announced an open call for their upcoming Book of Rituals.   If this book turns out anything like GM Gems or PC Pearls, readers are in for a real treat!

More information about the open call…

From the Goodman Games website:

Goodman Games is looking for writers! This is an open call for 4E game designers who want to contribute to Book of Rituals, a hardback compilation that will see print in the fall. This is paid work-for-hire. All accepted submissions become the property of Goodman Games, and contributors receive 3 cents per word, printed credit, and a copy of the published book.

Book of Rituals covers heroic level, paragon level, and epic level rituals. It includes rituals for binding, creation, deception, divination, exploration, restoration, scrying, travel, and warding. Submissions should be limited to rituals within the scope of the book.

Here are the guidelines for submissions:

  • The open call is open to anyone. Both amateur and professional writers are welcome.
  • The submission period ends February 28.
  • Each submission is one ritual.
  • Each submitted ritual must be saved as a separate Word document of 500 words or less.
  • You may submit as many submissions as you like, but each submission must be contained in a separate email.
  • The submission must follow the format and style of the  example ritual. For fonts, use Times or Arial, in a 10- or 12-point font size, as demonstrated in the example.
  • The submission must be PG-13 or milder in nature.
  • The submission must show a firm understanding of 4E mechanics.
  • Submissions will be rejected for poor grammar and spelling, inability to follow the format guidelines, and unfamiliarity with 4E mechanics. Submissions that are over word count will also be rejected.
  • We do not need submissions with rituals related to summoning monsters.
  • By making a submission, you agree not to submit the same material to any other publisher until December 31, 2009, or until your submission has been rejected or accepted. Accepted submissions will be commissioned for exclusive publication by Goodman Games at a rate of 3 cents per word. Rejected submissions remain the copyright of the author.
  • Send submissions to

If you have additional questions, please post them to our forums or e-mail us.

I know I’ll be making some submissions!  Who’s with me?

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