Female Roleplaying Gamers Needed for New Book!

Girl Gamers!StupidRanger and Geek’s Dream Girl are joining forces to write the ultimate guidebook to female roleplaying gamers around the world.

We need YOUR input! Girls, you are the heart of this book; share your experiences with us!

Guys, you have an especially important role in the success of our book.  Not only do we need your input, we also need you to get out there on Facebook, Myspace, IMs, forums, chat rooms and Friendly Local Game Stores to spread the word to every girl gamer you know!

Topics to be covered include:

  • Token Girl at the Game Table
  • Friendly Local Gaming Store & Gaming Conventions
  • Gaming With Those You Love (Significant Others & Children)
  • Sexism and Stereotypes
  • Your Gaming Style, Your Games, and Your Characters
  • Explaining D&D to Non-Gamers & Attracting Other Girls to Gaming
  • The RPG Industry
  • Calling the Shots: The Girl GM

This book will celebrate all the ways girls contribute to the gaming culture and we’d love to have you be a part of it.

Want to see your name in print as part of our book?  Please take our surveys:

girl-gamer-book-survey-for-girls-only/ Update:  The girls surveys are closed as we comb through them!  If we need more, we’ll reopen the survey later.  Thank you!

girl-gamer-book-survey-for-guys-only/ Update:  We have 185 guys and have closed the guys’ survey to new entries.  Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping build our bestseller!

- E. and SR

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