Launching Communication for Non-Paying Members…what?

According to the Online Dating Insider, is rolling out some updates, one of which will include a “Platinum Package” that would allow non-paying members to communicate with you.

I’m torn about this one…

On the Plus Side…

If you have the money, you are now free to communicate with all the girls on, even the non-paying ones.  (And they can write back to you!)

If you’re too poor for a real subscription, you can at least mooch a little more effectively?  (Gosh, that was painful to type.)

On the Down Side…

I can see the amount of non-paying members growing once this program is launched, which is going to cause more headaches for the paying, yet non-Platinum members.

Another possible problem?  Gold diggers going after the platinum members because they assume these are guys with money.

My Suggestion

I can admit, while the new updates are frustrating from the standpoint of a paying member, business-wise it’s a pretty bright move.   What’s the one thing guys wish they could do?  Communicate with all the girls – even the non-paying ones.   Will they pay to do it?  Yep, some of them certainly will.

I’m with you here, guys.  It’s frustrating to have a ton of people on the service who look like every other member, but are in essence unable to communicate with you. should not allow full profiles for non-paying members or establish some way of identifying their profiles.

Don’t hold your breath, though.

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