For The Faithful: Christian and Jewish Dating Sites

For some people, religion is a big deal.   If your faith guides your every step, it is important to you to find someone who shares that faith.   Sometimes it’s frustrating to comb through the big dating sites trying to find someone who is committed to walking the talk and wants to raise her children as part of that faith.

There are several good sites out there to find the faithful!

Christian Dating

Christian Cafe

The premier and most trusted Christian dating site on the internet.

Christian Dating!

Big Church

I’m going to be honest here.  Big Church is owned by the same people who run Adult Friend Finder.  If it bothers you, then stick to Christian Cafe, which is much more wholesome as far as business practices.

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Christians Mingle & Catholics Mingle

Part of the Spark Network of dating sites.

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Jewish Dating


The biggest and best Jewish dating site on the web.  Part of the Spark Network of dating sites.

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Jewish Friend Finder

Again, this is the FriendFinder network.    If you don’t mind it being owned by people who cater to all types of dating, you may just find your match here!

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