Great Dates in 50 States: Rhode Island

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So you have found yourself in the Ocean State, discovered the town in Family Guy is fictional and have already drank your fill of coffee flavored milk. Do not fear! The smallest state still has some surprises that can bring fun and romance to you and a companion.


WaterfireA uniquely Rhode Island event, a hundred braziers on stone pedestals set up on the three rivers of Providence. Flame tenders float by in boats lighting and caring for each torch. Romance is easy to come by as you watch the firelight reflecting off the water while leaning side by side on the bridges of Providence. Wandering rose peddlers can help the love a long a bit if you need. For romantics with deeper pockets you can even hire a gondola to take you around the river during the fire.

Waterfire Dates and Information

The Theater

Drama!It is not secret that theater can make for some great dates and Rhode Island has a very active theater community. Our most famous is The Trinity Repertory Company, well known for their yearly production of “A Christmas Carol”. Under ordinary circumstances I would call “Christmas Carol” perhaps the most over told story of English literature, however Trinity manages to bring a unique twist or feel to the production every year. For many Rhode Islanders Trinity Rep’s “Christmas Carol” is an annual tradition. Rhode Island is also home to a number of smaller theater groups, such as the wonderful 2nd Story Theatre. These small groups offer quality productions with an intimate environment that allows you to lose yourself in the story. You and your date can enjoy the classic works of Shakespeare, the wit of Oscar Wilde or discover something entirely new with lesser known works at  many great companies in the Rhode Island theater community.

Performing Arts of Rhode Island

Cuban Revolution

Cuban RevolutionThe Cuban Revolution offers a dining experience you are unlikely to find in many other places. A casual but exotic restaurant, filled with Cuban art and political memorabilia. The Cuban Revolution unsurprisingly offers a variety of Cuban food, specializing in pressed sandwiches.

The restaurant will make a memorable date because very few people in New England have tried Cuban food. You and your date could have this new experience together.

The Cuban Revolution


NewportNewport is many great dates all made possible on a small island. For those historically inclined, there are tours of the opulent gilded age mansions the island is famous for. There’s also historic light houses, graves yards and festivals. For those more interested in current attractions, Newport has a large shopping district, thriving waterfront and beautiful scenery and architecture. If you and your date enjoy the natural world, there great views of the bay in Newport, parks suited to picnics and kite flying and a fantastic cliffwalk to see the sights and start in the sea air.

Go Newport


BeachesWe’re not called the Ocean State for nothing. No part of Rhode Island is more than half an hour from the ocean and that means beaches! All of the usual romantic beach activities apply, lounging in the sun, creeping side by side into the water and long moon-lit strolls.

If you and your date fancy a beach trip you have quite a selection and all of them are close enough that you can have your day in the sand and then spend your evening in the city.

Beaches of Rhode Island

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