You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth? Where to Rein In Your Language

Let's say you meet a pretty girl who seems nice and intelligent.  Do you: a) Tell her she effin rocks your effin world... eff. b) Brag about your sexual prowess c) Tell her she'd better walk away right now if she can't handle backhanded compliments, because your sarcasm is legendary. d) None of the above. Now, I'm not a prude.  When I stub a toe, I've been known to howl a few expletives.   I also own The Aristocrats.  However, I start reading some profiles and I begin to feel like … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Not Sure We Should Have Done That

Just when I thought all was lost and my husband was trapped with some unknown evil on the other side of a sealed door, I remember my new robe's power.  I pull it tightly around me and close my eyes. In a woosh, I teleport through the wall and into the room. I find my husband and friends in an encounter with what appears to be some sort of vampire lord.   About the only thing going well for us is the fact that he apparently can't move beyond these two fire pots in the front of the room. I … [Read more...]

OMG, You’re Naked! Or, Online Dating Privacy

People worry about privacy when it comes to  online dating.  This statement counts twice when the person in question has a high profile job. So what do you do when you want love in your life but can't risk the wrong people getting the wrong idea? As a former high school teacher, I have been there.  Here's what I can tell you about privacy, and lack thereof, when it comes to online dating. … [Read more...]

10 Things I Expect in The Future

Lately, between using Netflix on my X-Box and my guy's new iPhone, I've begun to feel like I'm really in The Future.  Since we're clearly making groundbreaking advancements every day, I think it behooves me to throw my own requests out there. Granted, most of my expectations aren't grounded in any sense of reality, and are more influenced by books, movies and the fact that I've spent probably a year of my life in EPCOT and Tomorrowland. Still, there's nothing that says we can't have an … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Finish Blackie’s Quest?

The next thing I remember is waking up to Andric healing me and patching up my wounds. "What do we do with the drow?"  I hear someone ask. I suggest we shove him in the bag of holding, but Robinn revives the blackie, who immediately turns tail and leaves.  We wonder if we should even bother to finish this quest since it was HIS quest. "I'm going to finish this," says Robinn. "Does anybody ELSE have a vendetta here?" the ninja asks. … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Joshua (AFTER)

Joshua's original profile was Tarzan-themed and was scaring all the Janes away! His current profile is: Much shorter Includes information about his personality and background in the main body of the profile Asks TWO questions that potential matches could email him about Hints to the Tarzan bit without it being overwhelming (Who else wants a great profile that will make women run TO you instead of away?  Click here!) … [Read more...]

Walk This Way, For J Has a Plan

Hi!  I'm J.  I'm the new Assistant Dream Girl and I couldn't be more excited. I am a second-generation geek.  Most of my loves can be traced back to my mother, though she's never applied a label to herself.  The other day I explained to her that most houses weren't full of books like the Foundation trilogy, and most children don't spend quality time with their parents curled up watching Alien Nation or The X-Files or Them. Now, she reluctantly agrees:  she's a geek. … [Read more...]

By Popular Demand: The Poll for People With Wayyy Lots of RPG Books

Apparently I needed to super-size my poll because some people own five times this bookshelf. Wow, I'm impressed. I don't have that many RPG books yet, but I'm wondering how many regular books I have. Hmmm... … [Read more...]

Poll & Comment Fest: How Many RPG Books Do You Own?

I was talking to a friend on IMs about Open Grave, and he was saying that he really wants to get it, but he really should finish all of his other RPG books before buying another one. (If I went by this philosophy, my library in general would be so much smaller!) "Let me take a quick photo of my bookshelf," he said. It's definitely more impressive than mine, but then again, he's been collecting much longer.  Also, Hybban's collection puts this one to shame. What about you? … [Read more...]

New Assistant DreamGirl: Welcome, J!

A while ago, I put out a call to hire an Assistant Dream Girl.  After looking through the applicants and putting them through rigorous geek and writing-related tests, a clear winner emerged. Welcome to J, the newest member of the Geek's Dream Girl family! … [Read more...]