Moradin’s Lass: So I’ve Been Thinking…

Dear Diary, It’s me, Mielka. Ha!  I’ve always wanted to write that.  It looks so funny!  Dear Diary.  Ha!  Not that this is a DIARY exactly, more like an ADVENTURE LOG!  …y’know, that really needs trumpets.  Like a fanfare or something.  Don’t you think?



Ok, it doesn’t work well on parchment.  But if I think about it, you can’t really WRITE music with words (well, unless it’s a song, duh!) but you kinda have to just HEAR and FEEL it.

So, let me try this again and this time just HEAR and FEEL the trumpets…


Oh yeah, that works so much better.  I heard the trumpets and in my head they’re much more in tune than the da-dada-daaaa stuff.  Cool.

Anyway, hi!  Today’s a low key day and I’m just hanging in the tavern of The Slumbering Drake, nursing a pint of McIvan’s Blackest Stout.   It’s like a loaf of bread in a glass – elven journeybread be damned, McIBS is wayyy more filling!

I can’t believe how short a time it’s been really since I discovered my destiny, learned how to make awesome sparkles, was HAND-PICKED by the Pack of the White Wolves, and came here and met all these crazy but kinda cool guys.

I have to say out of my original group of friends the biggest surprise has really been from Helion.  “Protector of the forest” was his original description, which apparently is just a nice way of saying “hater of orcs.”  It’s pretty racist if you ask me, but then again, I’m not sure I’ve met a nice orc.  Maybe a half-orc or something, but even they are kinda stinky and that’s coming from a dwarf and we know stinky pretty intimately.

Either way, Helion has been a pretty big asset to our party.  He can track things like… um, tracks?  He’s handy with a bow as long as the string doesn’t break.  Y’know, that seems to happen to him a lot.  I wonder if it’s just that I haven’t hung out with rangers much (I mean, seriously, what self-respecting dwarf would be seen with a fruity BOW when there are WARHAMMERS – RAWR! to be had?).   But yeah, I mean, his string breaks a lot and granted, he has back-up string, but shouldn’t there be some kind of sturdier material?

I mean… they’re ELVES.  They’ve invented all sorts of cool magical stuff like that bread that’s supposedly better than this beer.  Yeah, right.  Nothing is better than this beer.  Oh well, ADVENTURE LOG (listen for it!), I gotta put you down for a while so I can turn this tankard up with both hands and shake out the last few drops of McIBS before ordering a second round.

RAWR!  Seeya later!

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