Personal Ad Makeover Contest: “Hammer” (AFTER)

“Hammer” is one of our lucky GDG Personal Ad Makeover Contest winner.  Sadly, when having to prioritize time between RealJob(TM), Paid Clients, and Blog/Freebies, Hammer got a little unloved over the holiday season.  Sorry, friend!

I really hope your new profile makes it all worth the wait!


Looking for a Snowy Valentine

This is a great example of keeping your profile fresh and updated with the current season!

About Me and Who I’m Looking For

You could call me a studious guy – in my final year studying politics with plans to enroll in a Masters program next year.  Don’t worry!  I have no plans on running for political office!  Can you imagine the dirt the tabloids would have on me?  I can see the headlines now:  HAMMER SEEN DRINKING ALE AT PUB.  (Okay, maybe that’s not dirt exactly.  I’m a pretty clean-cut guy.)  Even if I was a politician, I’m pretty sure it’s not scandalous to read books, watch movies, dabble in landscape photography, experiment in the kitchen, or play video games.  It’s fun, though, and I’d love to have you along for the ride.

You’re the type of girl who doesn’t go along with the crowd.  You’ve got an independent mind and love to use it to challenge your friends to think outside the box.  A love of politics is great so long as we can agree to disagree on some things.  I’d love to have a girl who feels just like a best friend.   Bonus points if you enjoy any sort of games – board games, video games, pen and paper RPGs.   Most games are more fun with two, after all!  What’s your favorite game of all time?

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