Moradin’s Lass: Dear ADVENTURE LOG!

Dear Adventure Log, it’s me, Mielka.   This is my third pint of McIBS.  The second one I drank with some skeevy old dwarf who was sure I looked just like his wife when she was “a youngster.”   Um, gross.

Anyway, I’d like to pause a moment to remember someone who is no longer with us – Drash.

Drash of the deep gravelly voice and the scales and the dragonbreath and the dying.

When I wrote that I was going to find his squishy dragon heart, I’m pretty sure I didn’t mean it was going to be through his death, but hey, who am I to question Destiny, right?

What’s really gross is the most I remember about Drash involves him bleeding all over the place.  Ew.  I mean, seriously.  I wish sometimes that Moradin had picked me a destiny that was a little less bloody.  Drash is all bleeding everywhere and ugh.  I gotta stop thinking about that before I hurl into a perfectly good beer.

Either way, besides the bleeding, what always made me grin about Drash is his way of throwing himself into dangerous situations to protect me.  That’s pretty nice of him, I think.  I mean, who doesn’t want a burly dragony looking guy taking all the arrows and spells so you don’t have to suffer?

Another thing – who knew that dragonborn had a paralyzing fear of shafts?  Drash did nothing but complain and generally avoid the situation (well, until he saved Helion, which was awesome!).  So yeah, who knew about this shaft problem with dragonborn?  Or maybe it’s just Drash.  No idea.  I haven’t met any other dragonborn.  Would be silly of me to pass judgement on a whole race based on one guy.  Sheesh, I really should find some other dragonborn and… wait, there’s one over there.  BRB.

Okay, I asked this dragonborn if he had a paralyzing fear of shafts and he kinda looked at me funny for a second and then made a VERY lewd comment that I don’t think has any place in an Adventure Log.

Okay, hearing the trumpets makes me feel a little better about things.

No more shaft talk.

So do I miss Drash?  Yeah, kinda.  Nobody really jumps out into battle to save me anymore.  He was kinda like a big ol’ scaly shield.  Then again, things in the group have been a little better since he left.   For sure, the bar wenches at Slumbering Drake are treating us nicer!

Which reminds me, I need another beer…

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