Quick Fix: Freshen Up With a Winter Headline!

The best way to drive new (and old) traffic to your dating profile is to keep it fresh!   Update your pictures as often as you can, but in a pinch, a new headline is a great way to draw attention.  Here are the headline ideas from the last post and an idea on how to write each into your profile text.

  • I’m not sure this is a snow “angel”…

Women are great at making snow angels look angelic.  Men, well, not so much.  Maybe it’s a Beer Gut Angel.

  • Valentine’s Day Needs Something…

I think that Valentine’s Day should have some sort of fairy or other magical creature that makes sure EVERYONE gets loved, don’t you think?

  • My Special Valentine’s Tradition Is…

On Valentine’s Day, I bring my mom and grandmother both bouquets of flowers.  If V-Day is about love, then these women are my true Valentines.


One of the BEST things about being a teacher is the snow day – especially if it’s an unexpected one.  Nothing like waking up at 5:30 am to an automated phone call from the boss telling you to go back to bed!

  • You’d think I’d get better at skiing…

Every year I break out my skis and every year I look like a doofus on my first run down the mountain.  Oh well, at least nobody saw me on the bunny slope.

  • Psst!  Come see my snow fort.

When I was a kid, my dad used to use the snow-blower to pile snow on top of our picnic table.  Then we’d tunnel in through one of the ends and hollow it out into the best fort ever.  I miss those days.

  • Is it so wrong to love flannel sheets?

I’ve been told it’s okay to love flannel as long as it’s sheets and not lumberjack shirts.  Is that right?

  • Is the talent on American Idol getting worse?

I used to be a big Idol fan, but lately it’s just been awful.  Don’t you agree?

  • My First Floridian Winter…

I’m sorry, but since moving here, I have been laughing my butt off at people claiming that weather in the 40s is “frigid”.  Where I come from, 40s is t-shirt weather!

Just Do It!

Find a way to freshen up your profile – just a line or two is a quick fix that makes a big difference.

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