Great Dates in 50 States: Dallas / Forth Worth, Texas

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Dallas/Fort Worth is a huge place.  One might even say Texas-sized.  That’s good; no matter what your date wants to do, it can probably be found within an hour’s commute.  There are approximately 7 quadrillion places to eat in DFW.  But mere dining does not a great date make.  Consider this your handy survival guide to great dates in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.


Whatever your taste in music, we’ve got it.  The hot spots are Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville in Dallas, and Sundance Square in Fort Worth.  You can find country, rock, techno, alternative, and even zydeco music somewhere in the metroplex.

If you’re in a wild mood, check out the world’s largest honky tonk – aka, Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth.  It’s a massive dance hall that also features live bull riding on Friday and Saturday nights.  Don’t want to ride a real bull?  Fake it with some clever trick photography to impress your friends.  They also offer dance lessons to keep you from tripping over your date’s feet.

Dallas Dance Clubs

Billy Bob’s Texas

Sundance Square, Fort Worth

Art & Culture

Kimbell Art Museum
Dallas/Fort Worth is more than just cowboy boots and overpriced shopping malls.  We’ve got culture, y’all!  The Dallas Museum of Art is hosting the King Tut exhibit until May 17th, 2009.  Every Friday night, the museum hosts ‘Late Nights’ with films, music, and exhibitions from 6pm til midnight.

Fort Worth’s Kimball Art Museum hosts permanent collections of Aztec and Mayan sculptures, ancient art from Assyria, Greece, and Rome, and decorative works from all over the world. In March, they’ll kick off an exhibit called ‘Art & Love in Renaissance Italy’ – great for art nerds in love.

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas

Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth


Does your date love the great outdoors?  Take them for a romantic walk-through at the Dallas Arboretum or the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.  Both venues offer zillions of colorful flowers and special events, making for an enchanting date with tons of photo ops.  For a more intimate retreat, try the Texas Discovery Gardens.

Give your date a glimpse of some real wildlife at the award-winning Fort Worth Zoo.  They have 435 species of animals to ogle, including beautiful white tigers, playful penguins, and the Cheetos-sponsored Cheetah exhibit.  They even have a nauseatingly cute Meerkat Mound – perfect for getting your date into cuddle mode.

Dallas Arboretum

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Texas Discovery Gardens, Dallas

Fort Worth Zoo

Science & Technology

It’s time to get your geek on!  Located at Fair Park in Dallas, The Museum of Nature and Science is your go-to spot for fascinating geology, paleontology, and lots of other -ology exhibits.  It also features an IMAX theater and planetarium.  This is a great place for a friendly date.

The Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas


Romantic dining is definitely one component of a great date.  For a one-of-a-kind experience, visit the St. Martin’s Wine Bistro in Dallas.  If you prefer a more franchised feel, The Melting Pot fondue restaurant is decadently yummy.  For a more budget-friendly experience, try La Madeleine French bakery and café.

For a scenic weekend getaway, check out the MD Dude Ranch in Rhome, TX (40 minutes north of Fort Worth).  They have 37 acres of pastoral beauty, horses, romantic carriage rides, and even special packages for Valentine’s Day.  If you like a little murder with your serenity, MD hosts Murder-Mystery Weekends.  Make your reservations well in advance; this place is quite popular.

St. Martin’s Wine Bistro, Dallas

The Bistro Louise, Fort Worth

The Melting Pot

MD Dude Ranch, Rhome, TX


If you’re in the metroplex between April 4th and May 25th, take a drive down I-45 to Scarborough Faire, DFW’s renaissance festival.  Come in costume!  Flaunt those elf ears with pride!  Ride an elephant while you tear into a turkey leg before settling in for a rousing jousting tourney and the ensuing corset-shopping.  Watch for special Faire events like Pirate Invasion Weekend (“Show Us Your Booty”).  There’s always something to do at Scarborough Faire.  In the off-season, take your date to dinner and a tourney at Medieval Times in Dallas.

Scarborough Faire, Waxahachie, TX

Medieval Times, Dallas

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