Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Joshua (BEFORE)

I have to say, geek friends, that Joshua was a winner hands-down as far as needing this makeover.  Good thing the dice agreed with me!  (There are no coincidences!)

Joshua’s profile is long, full of spelling mistakes, and has a Tarzan theme that really needs to either totally go or be toned WAY down.   He’s a funny guy that will make a great boyfriend for a geeky girl who loves to laugh, but right now…

Tarzan scares Jane.  Jane runs away!

(Want help making your personal ad less scary to the girls you’re trying to attract?  I can help!)

Joshua’s Original Profile Text

About Me And Who I’m Looking For

ME tarzan. ME grab vine swing to Jane cave. ME, Jane go eat at local water hole. ME tell embarassing story of Tarzan’s loin cloth fall down in front of whole tribe. Jane laugh till water come out her nose. Tarzan laugh at Jane, till he breathe no more and is crying. Tarzan catch breath before Jane call Witchdoctor. Me, Jane go to special cave with light flicker on cave wall. IT not violent horror movie with lot blood everywhere, it love story no like what tazan enjoy, but he hope for a few quick shot of love or nudity. Him not very lucky. It only PG. Tarzan swing Jane back to her cave. Tarzan, hope he get asked in to cave, but not get his hope up too much. Tarzan make sneak play for kisses. Then go home with big smile on face. I think all in all I am just seeking someone who is just after someone to share with in life. I would not like to date anyone who needs a boyfirend to validate who they are in this world. I guess i am after someone who doesnt need a boyfriend at all. I just want someone to tell how bad life sucks, or how great life is, and listen to what they have to say about it. I need someone with a different point of view, but maybe not a completely oppostite stance. Maybe someone who can enlighten me about ME, and in this mean show me some new things new ideas, things i may not have considered and the like. I dont know. I think i like the Tarzan/Jane stuff better. Yeah, Tarzan. I wish things were as simple as that. Seems lots of girls are after someone with a great sense of humor, but we all know that even the funniest guy has to also be good looking. I may just have to be funnier.

for fun:

Bad Movies. I am not talking flops, i mean rental places have to pay you to walk out the door with it bad. I like making fun of them while i watch with friends. Our own MST2K. No one has been able to beat my worst film pic ever: Terror Toons.

my job:

I work out of _______.  _______. Seems i have always been in the frieght business. I guess one of the best things about it is the drive time 20 mins tops. I work with some great folks.

my ethnicity:

Army Brat. Born in HI, moved to TX, back to HI, then to LA, and wrapped things up in AL. Road tripped through all the Southern states making up the US Cali to Carolinas. Kinda the Griswalds Family vaccations.

my religion:

I have my own view when it come to religion. I think for myself i dont let the moral swayings of church administations tell me how to think or what to do. Churches also tend to be more STATUS than worship. I guess it is what you make of it. WWJD

my education:


favorite hot spots:

Okay i have been here for over a year and i still dont have any cool spots. I guess the Vortex has great food and you gotta love the skull entrance.

favorite things:

Favs book:A Short History of a Small Place, Potter Series movie: Fall of the Roman Empire/To Kill a Mockingbird food: blueberry pancakes activity: taking pictures inactivity: SLEEP When it rains i sleep. Philosophical and political talks.

last read:

I just wrapped the Potter Series. Awesome. I was going to D-Con and did not want anyone ruining it for me so i blazed through them. I am working on a Dresden Book Blood Rites. I am also learning and RPG: Alternity.

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