Moradin’s Lass: There’s This Swordmage…

Dear Adventure Log, it’s me, Mielka. This is my 13th… 16th? I can’t remember.

These people, they were like, hey dwarf, bet you can’t drink this ale through this awesome hat we made with tubes to suck the ale out of and I was like – I SURE CAN – and I did!

Yeah, see, Moradin blesses dwarfs with his drinking abilties like we can do it good.




Wait, I was suposed to do the trumpets in my head.


Is good now. Okay.

So Fin.  Fin Fin Fin.  Mr. Live-By-Sword.  Which I have to say, if you got a sword that makes fire and green fire and ice and all that stuff, you really should live by it since I think other people would want to steal it and you’d want to keep it close, right? Yeah.  I’m smart like that.

Sure, he’s irritable.  Sure, he’d rather talk to the hoitytoity rich folks in town than us.  But that stuff’s useful.

Fin has never been like talky or anything much.  Other than cuz he saves us with his green flaming stuff, I’m really not sure he even likes us.   But I have to say, since it’s just you n’ me, ADNVUTRE LOG (trumpets!), that he is awful cute.

For a human.

They’re too tall.  And scrawny. And they suck at drinking.  But out of all my adventuring friends if I had to pick one to tie up, gag, and have my way with, it would be Fin.  I think it’s the hair.   Or the green flames.  Or the hair.  Did I say hair yet?

I know he killed me that time I died.  Ha! That still doesn’t get less funny to say.  When I died.  I died, I died, I died.  I’M HERE!  But I died, and died, and died.  But here!  Ooh.  I gotta pee.

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