Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Joshua (AFTER)

Joshua’s original profile was Tarzan-themed and was scaring all the Janes away!

His current profile is:

  • Much shorter
  • Includes information about his personality and background in the main body of the profile
  • Asks TWO questions that potential matches could email him about
  • Hints to the Tarzan bit without it being overwhelming

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Joshua’s New Profile

Headline Idea 1: What do you think of leopard print?

Headline Idea 2: Lemon movie lover

About Me And Who I’m Looking For

One of my favorite things to do is watching bad movies.  Not flops, I mean the kind of movies that are so bad you’d have to be tied down and forced to watch them.  Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000?  I seek out lemon movies and make lemonade!  I’m an Army brat and have lived all over the country.  I’m fairly new to town here and haven’t really found any cool places besides the cool skull entrance at Vortex.  Do you know of some hot spots I should check out?

I’m looking for a girl who wants someone to share her life.  In the end, she wants to come home to someone who will listen to her day.  We’ll share a stack of blueberry pancakes, have deep (or even heated!) philosophical conversations, and fall asleep snuggled up on the couch while watching the rain pour down outside our window.  Sometimes, I wish things were as simple as Tarzan and Jane.  Do you think I’d look good in leopard print?

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