He Said, She Said: Finish Blackie’s Quest?

The next thing I remember is waking up to Andric healing me and patching up my wounds.

“What do we do with the drow?”  I hear someone ask.

I suggest we shove him in the bag of holding, but Robinn revives the blackie, who immediately turns tail and leaves.  We wonder if we should even bother to finish this quest since it was HIS quest.

“I’m going to finish this,” says Robinn.

“Does anybody ELSE have a vendetta here?” the ninja asks.

We continue along the path into the crypt and come up to a room with four coffins in it.  One is open, one is slightly open, and the other two are shut.  On the wall to the right there are carved markings:

Great treasure lies within
Mightiest hunters beware
This hall bears no exit
For he who lacks

A horror awaits the brave of heart
Through the fires one must travel
To obtain his desire

Well, that’s lovely.

The open coffins are empty and the other two are welded shut.   The open ones have been broken open from the inside – more undead, I assume.  The ninja knocks on a coffin and we hear banging coming out of the inside.  The good thing is whatever is in there doesn’t seem powerful enough to break out.

Andric suggests that we go down the hall.  The new guy takes the lead, checking the area for traps.  As we walk, it gets colder and colder.  The door at the end of the hall is freezing to the touch and has a sign that says EXIT in Primordial.  It is not magical cold, which is odd since we are in a warm climate.  The door on the left is locked and sounds like metal is grinding on the other side.   The ninja picks the lock and opens it.

The room is 40 by 40 feet and has gears turning on the walls.   We can’t seem to see what’s turning the gears.   There’s one sarcophagus in the room and a door on the far side.   I examine the gears and find they are turning by some magical force, but I can’t tell if they’re affecting anything in particular.  Frustrating, to say the least.

“I love messing with technology,” Robinn says. “Do we have anything to stick in the gears?”

Robinn and the new guy open the sarcophagus and a puff of smoke comes out.   The new guy opens the door and finds a wall.

He closes the door, sticks a shuriken in between two gears, grinding them to a stop.  The door starts to glow.  Robinn opens the door, sees a wall of flames, and immediately closes the door.

Andric tries to break the sarcophagus so we can stick chunks of it into the gears, but it refuses to break. The new guy takes his first shuriken out and the door stops glowing.

He puts it in another gear.  The door glows again, Robinn opens it and we see clouds.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  Water.  Robinn sticks his head in the door and almost gets sucked into the door.

“That was a bad idea,” he says, shaking it off.  “If you’re trying to get rid of somebody, this is the door to go to!”

The next gear seems to be sucking the light out rather than giving it off.  I don’t like the looks of this door.  Andric and I hold hands in the back corner, waiting to see what happens.

There’s this ghastly image, shrieking as it barrels towards us.  It slams into an invisible wall right at the door and Robinn slams it shut.   I scream and grab my husband.  It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

After collecting ourselves, we go back into the hallway and try the cold door.  When it opens, we see bright light and through the door we see snow-capped mountains and a village in the distance.  There are definitely not snow-capped mountains anywhere in the desert, but maybe we walked through a portal somewhere before? I’m not feeling terribly confident about my wizarding skills lately; I need to hit the library and bury my nose in some books.

We go back to the room with the coffins.   Our ninja peeks in the door that was ajar and sneaks through.   As the rest of the party is sneaking through, the door slams on its own, pushing me back into the coffin room with an amazing force.

Ouch.  I sit on my arse.   Crap.

My hubby and companions are on the other side of the door and I’m stuck.   I hear a loud cackle and a voice that says, “It has been so long since fresh meat has wandered into my grasp. Today is going to be a good day.”

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