10 Things I Expect in The Future

jetsonsLately, between using Netflix on my X-Box and my guy’s new iPhone, I’ve begun to feel like I’m really in The Future.  Since we’re clearly making groundbreaking advancements every day, I think it behooves me to throw my own requests out there.

Granted, most of my expectations aren’t grounded in any sense of reality, and are more influenced by books, movies and the fact that I’ve spent probably a year of my life in EPCOT and Tomorrowland.

Still, there’s nothing that says we can’t have an extreme goal to work toward.  So get on it, masterminds – I’ve been promised hover-scooters by 2015, after all!

1.  Flying cars – Yes, this is almost a future cliche, but it gets brought up again and again because it’s awesome.   High-speed mass transportation is cool, but a private, airborne transportation device is even better – bonus points if it looks like a flying saucer.  And think of the space we’d save once we can design highways vertically!

2.  Demonstrable Psychic Abilities – Come on, Duke, you’ve been supposedly working on this for how long?  I want to access all those super-powered parts of my brain!  God knows I could have used a little telepathy when I had my wisdom teeth out.

3.  Space-age Fashion – Denim was pretty life-changing and lots of doors were opened with polyester; I think we’re due another fabric revolution.  And since it’s The Future, naturally it will have to be silver.

4.  Robots – Will have to be monitored closely, of course, lest they take over the world.  In The Future, robots will perform tasks that are dangerous, stuff requiring treacherous depths, heights or chemical exposure.  However, I’ve read “The Veldt,” and I’ll keep them out of my house, thank you very much.

5.  Space Colonization – Those with an adventurous spirit will get to try living on the New Frontier – oxygen-lacking  wastelands.  Bonus points if it involves colonizing underground or on one of Jupiter’s moons.  Triple word score if they run into current occupants while they’re digging.

6.  Regen Tanks – The idea is, you get too messed up or too old, they throw you in a tank for awhile and you come out young and healed.  Not only would it render us effectively immortal, it would get rid of the wrinkle-prevention industry in one fell swoop.

7.  Immersive VR – Whether it’s a Holodeck or the Better Than Life game, this is a must for any ship in interstellar travel.  And while we’re on the subject of ships, I want those automatic slidey doors, too.

8.  Weather Control – We don’t need some idyllic paradise, but being able to lessen the strength of a hurricane or change the path of a tornado would sure be nice.

9.  Replicators - Really, I would be happy with any insta-food creator, but I’m calling it a replicator to include all the additional uses that were explored on that one show.

10.  World Peace – What?  Okay, so it’s a bit of a stretch, but we’ll need it if we want to negotiate as a whole with those Others out there (that will inevitably reveal themselves, in The Future).   Besides, if we have all these other advancements, is world peace really all that difficult?

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