Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Joshua (DURING)

Welcome back to Joshua's profile.  Tarzan's treehouse is pretty rickety.   There are boards that look loose, nails sticking out everywhere, and I'm pretty sure that's not the blood of an animal in that corner over there. I know, you're scared.  But we won't learn anything unless we go in and really examine the crime scene.   Hold my hand... (Want to avoid a crime scene for your dating profile?  I can help!) … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: There’s This Swordmage…

Dear Adventure Log, it's me, Mielka. This is my 13th... 16th? I can't remember. These people, they were like, hey dwarf, bet you can't drink this ale through this awesome hat we made with tubes to suck the ale out of and I was like - I SURE CAN - and I did! Yeah, see, Moradin blesses dwarfs with his drinking abilties like we can do it good. So......... Oh, so ADVNETURE LOG! DO DOO DOOO! Wait, I was suposed to do the trumpets in my head. ADNVETURE LOG! Is good now. … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Joshua (BEFORE)

I have to say, geek friends, that Joshua was a winner hands-down as far as needing this makeover.  Good thing the dice agreed with me!  (There are no coincidences!) Joshua's profile is long, full of spelling mistakes, and has a Tarzan theme that really needs to either totally go or be toned WAY down.   He's a funny guy that will make a great boyfriend for a geeky girl who loves to laugh, but right now... Tarzan scares Jane.  Jane runs away! (Want help making your personal ad less scary … [Read more...]

Want Free Dating Profile Help?

As you all know, I'm new to and am working on building up an audience there.  I've started a weekly contest there giving away an E's Big Three. So far, nobody's applied.  If you're interested, click here and check it out.  Thus far, the odds are in your favor! … [Read more...]

Dude! I LOVED Playing Telephone!

Post-It Notes + Bad Drawings + Interpreting Bad Drawings ------------------------------------- Most Fun Waste of Time I've Found Lately … [Read more...]

e’s Quick Fix: Transferring A Account

So, your buddy has a account with 3 months left on it and he's met the girl of his dreams. If you're really lucky, maybe it's YOU that met the girl and your buddy who is lacking in love. Either way, you want your money's worth, right?  Why waste a perfectly good pre-paid subscription!? Here's how to transfer to a new love-seeker: … [Read more...]

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Happy Day! I can't believe it's been a whole year already!  Just a bit past Valentine's Day 2008, I fired up a Blogger account with big dreams and flew by the seat of my pants. (Flying by the seat of my pants is pretty much my M.O. for life in general.) It's been a wild ride! I hope you don't mind as I take a stroll down memory lane... … [Read more...]

An Adventurer’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Survival

This post is for all you single geeks.  Are you sitting at home feeling bitter while your buddies are out romancing their ladies? It's okay, we've all been there.   I'm here to entertain you and make you feel great about being single (for now!). I'm sure we've all had a bad relationship before.  Here are some monsters that I sincerely hope you're able to avoid in the quest for your geek's dream girl: … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: Orlando, Florida

Natives will tell you that Orlando is about MORE than just the Mouse.  In fact, there are people (mostly ex-employees) that will refer to the Disney complex as "Mouschwitz"... but that's another tail.  Um, tale. Either way, are you ready to see Orlando from the eyes of those who call it home? There's so much to see and do in town - so please try out these places if you're visiting on a family vacation!  Get out of TouristTown and see the real Orlando. … [Read more...]

Big News: E. Comes Out From Behind PHB, Gets National Writing Gig

Happy News! It's official.  Just two days ago, I was hired by to be their National Online Dating Examiner. describes itself as "rapidly becoming the online destination for local information, helpful resources and events in 60 major markets across the country. offers unique content that is contributed by passionate people known as Examiners." While I had applied on the local site for Charlotte, apparently they liked my stuff so much that they hired … [Read more...]