Video Goodies: Don’t Bring Your DM on a Blind Date

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Grown-Up J’s Favorite Geek Things

As I've been making the transition between College Student and Fully-Functioning Adult, I've noticed myself geeking out over some unexpected things. Never, when I lived in a dorm, did I ever consider shower hardware a "geek product."  I find that to be a weightier sign of adulthood than any birthday or degree. These are the items that thrill me as J, Grown-Up Geek. … [Read more...]

Dallas / Fort Worth Geeks! Are Your Radio Personalities Down To Earth?, a free online dating site in the family, is launching DFW's "Most Down-to-Earth Radio Personality" contest today. Five radio personalities are competing to win $5,000 for their designated charity. The personalities were nominated because they exemplify what it means to be down-to-earth. Now, I'm not anywhere near DFW, but our gamer girl surveys have shown a very strong Texan influence, so I'm sure a lot of my readers live in the Lone Star State.   Feel free to use … [Read more...]

E’s Adventures in StupidRanger Land

Wow.  Just wow. I spent the last week at the lovely home of StupidRanger & Dante of and had a ton of fun, surprisingly even though we barely left the house and there was a blizzard of over a foot of snow. At any rate, the original plan was to meet up so we could get some real work done on the gamer girl book... oh, and maybe play some D&D... … [Read more...]

MSL: Success Stories

You've seen all E's Minis Seeking Love personals. Have you ever wondered "Where are they now?" Here are some success stories, including: Hypnotoad & Bulette Giant Centipedes Xorn & Deathlock Ninja & Pirate Spider Orgy Beholder Menage a Trois Hermaphro Human & Hermaphro Halfling Four Crossed Swords Zombie Kisses Here are their stories... … [Read more...]

Poll & Comment Fest: Making Sweet Love To Your DM – Conflict of Interest?

A friend of mine sent me a link to this picture and I had to make a quick poll about it to get your thoughts.   There's a NSFW word, so it's after the cut. … [Read more...]

National Online Dating Examiner Highlights

As you all know, I hold the post of National Online Dating Examiner at  Examiners are writers who are passionate experts on a particular topic.  You can find them examining everything from wine to sports teams to the latest internet gossip. Since you don't always have time to check on both places, here's a list of some of my recent articles.  If they interest you, click on through! … [Read more...]

E’s Unplanned Adventure With Furry Weekend Atlanta

I have learned that the Universe is always full of surprises and to be open to whatever comes my way.  I've been blessed with some great experiences.  But when I traveled to Atlanta for the American String Teachers Association national conference, I wasn't expecting my hotel to be full of furries. Seriously, furries.  Yes, THOSE KIND of furries.  No, I didn't join in the furry festivities.   But since my only experience with furries was that infamous episode of CSI, I did get a kick out of … [Read more...]

The Dungeons & Dragons Erotica Corner: Losing Your Virginity

Sometimes my Muse takes me to strange places. While trying to write part of the Gamer Girl book, I ended up with this little snippet. It's totally inappropriate for the book (since we want to reach a younger demographic too!), but on the internet, anything goes. … [Read more...]

What A Radio Preacher Can Teach You About Writing A Great Online Dating Profile

Here's a dirty little secret about me:  I love listening to radio and TV preachers.    I don't describe myself as Christian, but if I flip past a station and there's some fire and brimstone being served piping hot, you bet your sweet sinful ass I'll stop and listen. On my trip home from Atlanta on Sunday, I was able to catch a bit of a preacher on the radio.   I stayed tuned in until the point the signal became too weak. What is it that makes these preachers so fascinating, even if you're … [Read more...]