Geeks Speak: Tell Us Your Dreams…

cheesesteakI’m wondering about dreams.

It’s Saturday morning as I write this.  Anubis’ wife texted me 15 minutes before my alarm was going to go off and woke me up.  (Granted it was an offer of free breakfast, I can’t exactly complain.  On Friday, I woke up Yax with a text saying his site was down.)

Of course, she interrupted me in the middle of my most active (and remembered) state of dreaming – early morning.   And wow, was this a weird one.

I was in the middle of a dream involving watching a woman that was the size of a small sea mammal eating two sub sandwiches while reclining on a a magical rainbow beach chair that somehow supported her massive behind.

The first sub was a steaming hot Philly cheese steak.  It was probably 5 feet long and was oozing cheese from every crevice.   It lay next to her like a slender and dedicated lover, just hoping he didn’t get squished.

The second sub was a standard size meatball sub with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese on top.  It perched in the dent it made in her ample, squishy thigh.  The meatball sub looked tasty, but was dwarfed in comparison to the leviathan (the woman AND the Philly).

She largely ignored the attractive little meatball sub and concentrated on practically making out with the Philly cheesesteak by her side.

During this dream, I was switching points of view between the men in her life, both of which were business associates.  Each was trying to convince each other (and her, if she was listening) that their business was going to succeed based on his actions.  Nobody seemed to notice (or care) that the woman had her face buried in thin-sliced rib-eye.

WTF does that mean?  I have no clue.

But it made me wonder… do all geeks dream the same way?  Let’s have a highly unscientific poll and comment fest, shall we?

Check as many answers as you like!

How do you dream?

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A follow-up question: What’s the weirdest geek-related dream you’ve ever had?

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