Great Dates in 50 States: Seattle, Washington

(e’s note: Please welcome today’s guest writer for Great Dates in 50 States – Bruce Cordell, Wizards of the Coast employee and author of the totally awesome new 4e book: Open Grave.)

Seattle, WA

Fun places to take a date in the Seattle area, in no particular order…

Crepe Cafe and Wine Bar

Crepe CafeThe Crepe Cafe and Wine Bar in North Seattle.  This place is small, with under 10 tables.  It features good wine and even better crepes of all varieties.

It’s slightly decadent, but oh so tasty, and sure to please your date in the bargain.  The wine is fabulous.

Crepe Cafe and Wine Bar

Brooklyn Oyster Bar

Either as a separate outing or as a nightcap after the Crepe Cafe, head over to Brooklyn Oyster Bar (full name: Brooklyn Seafood, Steak & Oyster House) in downtown Seattle.

Sit at the bar and choose your favorite local oyster varietal on the half-shell with wine or vodka!

Brooklyn Seafood, Steak & Oyster House at Frommer’s

Hiking Locations

seattle-hikeSouth of Seattle: A hike on Chinook Pass is a great way to spend a day, but be sure to pack a lunch because even after stunning views of Mt. Rainier to the east, you’ll want a little energy pick-me-up about half way through.

East of Seattle: You don’t have to go far to get to Snoqualmie Falls, which are the twin falls made so famous in the old Twin Peaks TV series (which I’m sure a subset of gamers remember fondly). Hiking down to the base of the falls is awesome, then back up for a great brunch in the lodge at the top of the falls.

Hiking in the Seattle Area


North of Seattle:  There are more than 20 wineries just north of Seattle, all with tasting rooms.

If you’re a fan of wine and cheese, a three hour drive around Woodinville (perhaps with a designated driver) is a fun and tasty way to spend an afternoon.

(e’s note:  Wine tasting is a great first date!  You can learn new things about your favorite wines and get just buzzed enough to lose the first-date jitters.)

Woodinville Wineries

Pike Place Market

seattle-pikesAnd, of course, Pike Place Market.

Everyone goes here if they’re visiting, but its fun to walk through, buy some fresh cut flowers for your date, and choose a restaurant at random. With so many good venues to choose from, competition pretty much assures you won’t find a bad dinning experience.

Pike Place Market

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