PlentyOfFish Announces PAID Feature So You Can Let Others Know You’re Serious. Seriously.

Are you SERIOUS about online dating?

I mean, seriously serious?

Are you so serious that you want to PAY to find the right person… just not on a paid site?

PlentyofFish just announced the plan for the not-so-serious, serious online daters.

The SERIOUS BUTTON.  Seriously.

The News Buzz

POF CEO Markus Frind announced on his blog today that a new feature for POF users will roll out in the next few days – The Serious Button.

On paid dating sites most buys are impulse and in the signup process.    Paid sites monetize on Impulse,  plentyoffish is going to monetize on user intent.   I believe we will have far more members that are serious than paid sites.   Its one thing to be tricked into paying (paid sites),  its another to go out of your way and pay for something.

Want To See It?

Here’s a screenshot of The Serious Button in action:


My Two Cents

I knew it was only a matter of time before Frind came up with another way to make money.  Let’s face it, the guy is pretty smart.

Depending on the price point, I can see this as being a good way to set yourself apart on the free sites if you don’t have the financial means for a subscription site.

What do you think?  How much would you pay to let people know ur serious, srsly?

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