Top Ten Things Geeks Can Learn About Dating From Watchmen

J and I both saw the midnight showing of Watchmen and decided we’d write a post together today.   So beware, we’ve put our heads together – this could be dangerous.

What can Watchmen teach geeks about dating?

Yep, we went there.

You ready for it?  There will probably be mini-spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, go someplace else. (How about here?)

Read on, geek friends…

Top 10 Things Geeks Can Learn About Dating From Watchmen

10.  Sometimes good things come out of bad relationships.

We’re not condoning The Comedian’s actions.  But the bright side to things is that we got Silk Spectre II and she’s pretty awesome.   Try to see the silver lining to every past relationship, no matter how horrible it was.

9.  If you’re in bed with a woman, you need to have your mind 100% in the moment.

Sure, we know you CAN save the world and make love simultaneously, but just make us feel special, will ya?

8.  In the back of a car or a flying machine…  sometimes cramped is more interesting!

Get adventurous.  You never know if you don’t try.

(GDG is not responsible for injuries you incur from being adventurous.)

7.  Even though it’s gross to think about it, your parents teach you a lot about relationships.

Most of Rorschach’s issues stem from his motherLaurie learns that getting clear about her history makes her relationship with her mother and with Dan better. Dan has a semi-healthy father-son type relationship with Nite Owl I and he is one of the more balanced members.  Well, as balanced as a guy in a mask can be.

6.  Make sure people know who you are under your mask.  Or for the lady geeks, be more than just a pretty face, latex and stilettos.

Dan and Laurie didn’t care about each other because of their costumes.  Window dressing is only part of the equation.  Make sure you show who you are underneath it all.  (No, we’re not talking like Dr. Manhattan’s full frontal nudity.  We’re talking about your INNER beauty.)

5.  It’s great to be smart, but get too cerebral and you neglect the wisdom that comes from human interaction.

Dr. Manhattan had a hard time coming to terms with why he should bother to save Earth.  He’d lost touch with what it meant to be human.  Geeks, remember that your PhD is super cool, but it’s no substitute for hanging out with real people doing real things.

4.  Take the interests of your date into account when planning an outing.

Yes, Mars is beautiful, honey.   But I… can’t… BREATHE! Remember to keep your date’s interests in mind.   Things that are interesting to you may not be interesting to her.  A good relationship has balance and understanding.

3.  The button with the flames on it?  Oh yeah, it shoots fire.   What else was it supposed to do?

I’ve been telling you about red flags for a long time here at GDG.  People are surprisingly easy to read online if you know what to look for, so don’t be shocked when they turn out exactly as I predict them to be!

2.  Even if it’s for someone’s greater good, it’s best not to mess with their relationship.

Sure, Ozymandias managed to create world peace, but at what cost?  In dating, it’s best to avoid drama.  If your buddy and his girlfriend hate each other and you know she’d be happier with you, don’t try to break them up.  Really.  Trust us.

1.  You need not be a superhuman to make a girl happy.

No need to save the world, blow things up, or fly in a cool machine.  Really, all you need to do is make us feel like we’re important to you.

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