What Twitter Can Teach You About Online Dating

We already know that you can find love on Twitter.

But what lessons can the little bird teach us about how to be successful in online dating?


Short & Sweet Is Best

Twitter limits the amount that you can say per tweet.  You’re forced to be as concise (and creative) as you can with those few characters.    Less is more.

It’s best to keep the same idea for your dating profile.  The best profiles are two paragraphs.  Check out my Profile Makeovers to see how much can be said in so short a space.  Size does matter.  If you know what you’re doing, you can do a lot with a little.

Your profile should read smoothly and easily and leave people wanting more.  If you are too verbose or spill the beans about your childhood bed-wetting affliction and how it has caused you to fear sleeping in new places, well… you and your Wii can have a wonderful Saturday night with each other.

You’re Nothing If You Can’t Attract Followers

Ever talked to a wall?

Part of the fun of Twitter is interacting with the people who follow your tweets.    It’s great to get to chat with my fans, fellow RPGBloggers, and random Twitter users who find and follow me.

The way to get followers for Twitter is to be worth following.  You have interesting things to say, or you’re an expert at finding links to cool things, or you have a twisted worldview and make people laugh.  There’s a reason to want to click “Follow” and wait for more.

If your online dating profile lacks vital information, is boring, or sounds like every other profile out there, then a woman has no reason to “follow” you.  Why should she send you a wink or an email?  Why should she reply to your email?  You’re not worth following.

A quality profile and good first contact emails are what convince the ladies to take action and follow you.

Spammers Suck – Don’t Be One

The Twitterverse has its share of spammers, too.   I am in love with TweetDeck and have a column set up to show me any tweets about online dating.

There’s some person who tweets just about every hour on the hour with something along the lines of:

I think I’m going to try the online dating site match.com

Has anyone tried the online dating site match.com?

The link to match.com is an affiliate link, which means anybody who clicks it and pays for a subscription is sending this jerkwad between $30-100.

You can be a spammer in online dating too.  Spammers are those guys who scroll down the list of photos and wink at all the pretty ones.  They’re also the guys who have a cut-n-paste email that they send to every girl.

News Flash: Girls know about this.  Don’t do it.

Take the time to craft a first contact email to each girl you’re interested in meeting.  A few sentences that are relevant to the particular woman and get her interested in following you will yield results!  Ditch the cut-n-paste and put forth the effort and you’ll be rewarded.

Meet Me in the Twitterverse

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Happy dating, geek friends.

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