E’s “New” Venture: Online Dating Profiler, Dating Profile Writing & Coaching for All The Beautiful People of the Internet

You’ve heard me hinting about it on Twitter.  For the lucky few, you’ve heard me hinting about it on Facebook.  For the RPGBloggers, you got a preview of it a couple days ago via our mailing list.

But now, I’m ready for the world to see!  Go check out my new digs at OnlineDatingProfiler.com(You can WIN FREE SERVICES.  More on that later…)

Why the change?  What’s wrong with GDG?  What’s going to happen to GDG?  What’s this site going to offer?   Take a seat, get comfy, and let me introduce you…

It’s a Lovely Corner, But I’d Like to See Other Corners

When I started GDG, I was just one girl in a one bedroom apartment who thought it might be fun to help geeks find love and talk about my adventures playing D&D.   And boy howdy, it has been a blast!

What I never expected was how much the business end would grow.   As the new clients came piling in the door, I realized something.  They were 99% male and 80% geek.    I had done an excellent job branding my site… right into a very specific corner.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful corner.  I will always have a soft spot for geeks.  I just realized that if I wanted to market to all the online daters of the world, I was going to need more gender-neutral digs.

Hence, OnlineDatingProfiler.


We’re not rival gangs!  Think of us as sister sites.

Geek’s Dream Girl will not change.  We will still be giving Geek Love advice and thoughts on whatever weirdness our Geek Lives have to offer.  You can still order services through the GDG site.  Use the code geeklove to get 10% off any service until the end of April.

Online Dating Profiler will be the official business site.  If you order a dating service through GDG, your receipt will be labeled Online Dating Profiler.   ODP has a blog for before & afters, success stories, and links to the buzz of the online dating world.   It also has an affiliate program open to any sites who would like to promote our services.

Online Dating Profiler offers:

  • Dating Profile Critiques
  • Dating Profile Editing
  • Dating Profile Makeovers
  • Online Dating Coaching via email
  • Live Dating Coaching via chat
  • First Contact Email Coaching
  • Custom Search Services
  • Digital WingGirl – the ultimate package for busy people!

Most importantly, we offer a Lifetime Matchmaking Guarantee.   If we ever get a new client who we feel would be a good match for you, we’ll send you an email and introduce you!  This guarantee applies to clients who choose the Profile Editing, The Works, or Digitial WingGirl services.

Previous clients of these services (including winners of the Profile Makeover Contest) – please email me.  I would love to add you to ODP’s client list so you can benefit from the guarantee.

Follow ODP on Twitter, Get Free Stuff

twitterbirdOnlineDatingProfiler is on Twitter as @onlinedatingpro.  (The ‘filer didn’t fit!)

Follow ODP and ODP will follow you.   As part of our launch, we will be giving away free services starting on Monday 3/23.

In order to win, you must be the 10th person to DM @onlinedatingpro when the call to enter is announced. Think of it like a radio station.  Be the 10th caller and get a prize!

Last But NEVER Least… A Shoutout to Harry and James

I have been lusting after a Men with Pens site for… well, ever since I discovered the Men when I first started blogging.

It was a schoolgirl crush. (Oh hell, it still is.)  Every time I saw them strutting through the intarwebs as arm candy for another blogger, a part of me kicked the nearest locker, sniffled, and thought, “I wish it could be ME!”

This crush was only strengthened when they went all rogue and slipped into GDG to shoot me (silly me, I left the place unlocked with an open invitation to enter).  I was shocked and pleased to come out alive – it rarely happens when the Pen Men visit.  They liked me, they really liked me!

When I realized that I needed to come out of my corner and market my services to all the fine people of the internet, I called upon the Men with Pens to bring on the magic.  They certainly brought it – and then some!  I couldn’t be happier with ODP’s design.

People always say you have to spend money to make money.  If you’re looking to make money from your blog, choose to spend money at Men with Pens before you go anywhere else.  I’m not an actor and this isn’t a paid endorsement.  I just like plugging good stuff, and MwP is amazing stuff.

Don’t Forget!

  • Check out Online Dating Profiler.   Comment here and let us know how you like the new place!
  • Follow us on Twitter:  e@geeksdreamgirl, j@jdreamgeek and ODP@onlinedatingpro.
  • Invite all your single friends to follow ODP and stalk our Twitter starting on Monday 3/23 for your chance to win free stuff!
  • Words cannot explain how much I love what I do.  *hugz* to all the geeks who have helped my life become what it is today.
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Since 2008, E. Foley of Geek’s Dream Girl has been helping geeks from around the world find love. She writes amazing online dating profiles for her fellow geeks and guides them through the perilous waters of the dating scene and out the other side. She's totally proud to report that she's even caused a couple geek weddings! She lives in Maryland with DaveTheGame, her adorable cats, Mr. Peanut & Don Juan, and Titania, Queen of the Cocker Spaniels. (Email e, or follow @geeksdreamgirl on Twitter.)

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