Dice Aren’t My Bag, Baby… But They Sure Are Beautiful.

One of the biggest differences between e and I is that she’s a roleplaying maven, while I’ve never made it past a character sheet in my life.  Still, one of my favorite possessions is a set of dice.

Granted, my reasons for loving these dice are more personal than anything.  They were a gift from roleplaying family members more than ten years ago.  They’re made of rose quartz, which is my longtime favorite, and they’re teeny tiny – I don’t think one of them measures longer than a centimeter.  The whole lot fits into a little pouch on a necklace ( I’m a big fan of miniatures – when I hang out with my nieces and nephews, I’m sometimes guilty of enjoying their toys more than they do!).  More than anything, they’re gorgeous – more like jewelry than something you’d use.

Because my family members are into that aspect of gaming, I’ve seen some crazy dice – ones made from weird textures and materials, ones printed with aliens, tiny ones and giant ones.  What I want to know is, do you have any crazy or beautiful dice?  Or, are they merely utilitarian for you?

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