The Dungeons & Dragons Erotica Corner: Losing Your Virginity

Sometimes my Muse takes me to strange places.

While trying to write part of the Gamer Girl book, I ended up with this little snippet.

It’s totally inappropriate for the book (since we want to reach a younger demographic too!), but on the internet, anything goes.

Losing Your Virginity

They say everyone remembers their first time. You never felt so young, so new, so incapable, so naked. Your skin glistened with a thin layer of perspiration as you shook the strange object in your hand, praying you weren’t doing it wrong. Too hard, too soft? Should you have blown it first? Either way, everyone is staring at you now and your face burns. Why did you agree to such a large group? You close your eyes, pray for the best, and give one more shake before releasing. Fists pound the table. There are grunts and cheers. You open your eyes slowly to see the Dungeon Master grinning from behind his screen. “Congrats, your first 20.”

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