MSL: Success Stories

You’ve seen all E’s Minis Seeking Love personals.

Have you ever wondered “Where are they now?

Here are some success stories, including:

  • Hypnotoad & Bulette
  • Giant Centipedes
  • Xorn & Deathlock
  • Ninja & Pirate
  • Spider Orgy
  • Beholder Menage a Trois
  • Hermaphro Human & Hermaphro Halfling
  • Four Crossed Swords
  • Zombie Kisses

Here are their stories…

A Little Tongue

Frog and Bullette

Toad love giving tongue.  Toad find perfect mate who love receiving tongue.  Toad think bulette is French name.  Toad therefore French kissing.  Toad are smart finding hot French girlfriend.

Giant Centipedes


I finally found a male partner who doesn’t have a backbone.  He has moves that put millipedes to shame.  After he does his little dance I’ll come by to scoop up the goodness and begin creating new little centipede babies.  Yep, the perfect relationship.

Xorn & Deathlock


When I originally posted I was looking for a dental hygienist female to be my undead life partner but I was “swept” off my feet by a lovely xorn who taught me how to dance the samba… and to love.  We’ve been going out dancing every weekend for the past two months and despite my two left feet, her three “right” feet more than makes up for it.  I look forward to our next outing where I’ll be taking her to the local scrap yard.  She apparently loves to eat raw metal… how can you not love someone so unique!

Ninja & Pirate


I can’t get enough of the action and adventure assassinating the enemies of my master.  I needed to bring that kind of adventure into my love life.    The only way I know how is to date my mortal enemy, Pirate Pete.  We are still trying to figure out a way to end the date without ending up the emergency room, but when we do it will be spectacular.

Spider Orgy


It’s spider spring break!!!!   WOOOOO!  That means massive spider orgy time!  So many legs I can’t even figure out which ones are mine.  Big spiders, small spiders, interplanar spiders…it’s all GOOD!  We all have eight legs and know how to have a good time (except for Charlotte…I don’t know what her deal is).   WOOOOOOO!!!!

Beholder Menage a Trois

Behold the Menage A Trois

I know what you’re saying, beholders seeking love…that’s like oil mixing with water.  Well, we get lonely just like everyone else but the problem is everyone else is a bunch of morons.   Heck, we can barely stand other beholders for more than a few minutes before blasting each other.

I think I’ve found the perfect arrangement with two beholders of like mind.  We spend 30 minutes of silence in the same room together doing what beholders do.   We’ve also made a pact that should one of us blast the other the third beholder is duty bound to blast the beholder that started the blasting.  So far our arrangement is working (keeping my eye stalks crossed).

Hermaphrodites Need Love Too!


It’s tough finding love when most of the search engines only allow for male/female searching and won’t include the “both” option.  I was fortunate when I saw the love of my life at a poetic reading of “The Love of Hermes and Aphrodite”.  I am always a sucker for stocky bodies and ample bosoms.    After the reading, I approached and asked if s/he would like to get some wine and talk about the reading.   After a spirited discussion, we realized we had some chemistry and I set up another date for us to see a play called Victor/Victoria.  I’m still trying to figure out if we should eat at the taco stand afterwords or just grab a hot dog from a street vendor.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun


My twin brother and I do everything together.  So when we went to The Crossed Swords for two fuzzy navels we thought we had double vision when we saw two hunky Norwegians that looked exactly alike.   My brother and I thought we had died and gone to Valhalla.  Well, we went over to say hi and after some drinking (ok…a lot of drinking) and dancing my brother and I knew we had a full on Viking invasion of love going on.  Well, we couldn’t be happier and “Thor” and “Loki” are a regular part of our nightlife now.  Let’s just say they can come and plunder our villages anytime!  Fabulous!!!

Chilly Kisses


*Slurp*…*Slurp*…KISSSSESSS…*Smooch*….*Slurp*….BRAAAAAIIIINNNSS…I MEAN KISSSSESSS…*Smooch*…*Slurp*……

Congratulations, Minis!

We at Geek’s Dream Girl are so happy that you found each other and are happy.   What about you humans?  Do you want love, too?  Get a Geek’s Dream Girl profile service and attract your perfect match!

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