E’s Adventures in StupidRanger Land

Wow.  Just wow.

I spent the last week at the lovely home of StupidRanger & Dante of StupidRanger.com and had a ton of fun, surprisingly even though we barely left the house and there was a blizzard of over a foot of snow.

At any rate, the original plan was to meet up so we could get some real work done on the gamer girl book… oh, and maybe play some D&D…

I have to say, folks, one of the joys of the internet is flying halfway across the country to meet someone that you’ve known for months but have never actually seen in real life.   Talk about cool.

We spent a good deal of time sifting through all of the girl surveys (176 of ‘em!).  There was much reading (silently and out loud), laughing our asses off at the crazy stories, and the occasional confused blinking at a few people who didn’t make much sense.

On the whole, it was a very CATS-type experience:  We laughed, we cried… and well, we hope we don’t have to do THAT part again, but we’re looking forward to putting it all together into a great book!

One of the things we realized while sorting through all the responses was that there were topics that became very heated debates amongst the ladies (aged 12-57) who took our survey.  There were some great points made on both sides of the issues.

We’ve made some important decisions regarding the book.  First off, we’re not going to be writing much.  The responses we got were so great that we want to step back and let the ladies of RPGs tell their own tale.    Secondly, we realized that we had a perfect first chapter topic and it was at the end of our survey.    Thirdly, we wish we could tell you more, but that would ruin the surprise for later.

The other hilarity that ensued was the two session campaign we did with our twin Goliath bards – Toccata (StupidRanger) and Fugue (me).   Dante was our awesome DM, and DaveTheGame from Critical-Hits did a cameo via Skype as the pot dealer that was selling bad weed at the music festival.  (You know it’s bad weed when the people who smoke it catch fire and turn into scary skeletons hellbent on destruction.)

I was determined to make a crazy bard.   Toccata and Fugue were Goliaths that were raised in a Dwarven orphanage for the mentally disturbed.   I rolled really good stats but took a 9 in DEX just for giggles.   (Hey, gotta have a flaw!)

We started out at level 5 and Fugue was a Bardbarian Pally.  When she dinged, she became a Bardbarian Pallyvoker.  I’ve saved her in my D&D Character Builder, so hopefully I’ll get to play her again soon (*cough* GenCon *cough*).

Here’s some links to the insanity (warning, sexually suggestive language and thoughts otherwise impure and hilarious):

  • Dante’s Pre-Campaign Thoughts on how to plan an irreverent campaign. 
  • Night One - in which we ponder dwarven… equipment, excitement vs. excitement, and how breast augmentation would work in a fantasy universe
  • Night Two - in which I admit my true talent, we eat funfetti cake, give out the title of Hunkiest Man in the RPG Blogosphere, reinact The Princess Bride iocaine powder scene, share a teabag, and kick ass.
  • BONUS:  The most disturbing bard story ever, from the member of the StupidRanger crew that got left behind, Vanir.  (Do not read this post while drinking unless you want to wash your monitor.)

Another bonus to spending time with StupidRanger and Dante:   their dog Teddy is the awesomest Golden Retriever ever.   He burped in my face on several occasions, including once just after I asked him NOT to burp in my face.   Dog of Gaseousness +30.   He was also totally adorable when he was not burping.   High charisma.  Very smart move, Teddy.

MANY THANKS to StupidRanger and Dante for giving me a home away from home.   I can’t wait until we see each other again at GenCon!

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