Dallas / Fort Worth Geeks! Are Your Radio Personalities Down To Earth?

DownToEarth.com, a free online dating site in the Match.com family, is launching DFW’s “Most Down-to-Earth Radio Personality” contest today. Five radio personalities are competing to win $5,000 for their designated charity. The personalities were nominated because they exemplify what it means to be down-to-earth.

Now, I’m not anywhere near DFW, but our gamer girl surveys have shown a very strong Texan influence, so I’m sure a lot of my readers live in the Lone Star State.   Feel free to use the comments below to talk about your favorite (or least favorite) radio personalities from the list.

From Monday, March 30 through Friday, April 10, 2009 DFW voters can go to DownToEarth.com and vote for the nominee they think is the most down-to-earth based on their attitude, interests and service to the community.

Don’t care about the radio personalities?  At least vote for the charity involved!  I’m all about the Animal Rescue of Texas, but that’s just because I’m one cat away from crazy cat lady.

Get out and vote!

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