Grown-Up J’s Favorite Geek Things

As I’ve been making the transition between College Student and Fully-Functioning Adult, I’ve noticed myself geeking out over some unexpected things.

Never, when I lived in a dorm, did I ever consider shower hardware a “geek product.”  I find that to be a weightier sign of adulthood than any birthday or degree.

These are the items that thrill me as J, Grown-Up Geek.

My Water-Amplifying Showerhead – The pressure at my place is really pretty poor – as in, I might as well stand under the gutter downspout and wait for a rainstorm.  I saw a thing on HGTV about showerheads that use less water but still have the performance of  standard hardware, and I wondered if it would improve my shower.  At less than $15, I figured it was worth a shot, and it was a gamble that paid off.  I now give thanks every single time I shower.  Oh, and I’m helping save the planet at the same time, which is also nice.

My Laptop Table – I don’t actually own a desk; usually I do all my writing on my couch, with my laptop on my lap or next to me.  This isn’t particularly beneficial for my health or posture, so I freaked the last time I was at Ikea and saw this bright blue laptop table smiling up at me.  Sometimes I need to be smacked in the head with the simplest of concepts.

Bonus: It can double as a TV tray if I need one.

My Stand Mixer – Oh man, the pizza, bread, and cinnamon rolls that have come out of this machine.

I never dreamed this mixer would get this much use, but I would say it gets used a few times a week, at least.  I’ve had it a little over a year, and it’s still churning merrily along.

(Note to self:  Fire up treadmill.)

My Universal Remote – At one point, there was a set of speakers, plus an average of four consoles and a cable box, all plugged into the TV at once.  I needed a universal remote.  Mine may not be the most high-tech in appearance (though it still lights up blue and I find that incredibly neat), but it does the job more than adequately.  Also, sometimes it just barely picks up the vibrations of someone walking by and lights up in the middle of the night, and I think it’s possibly possessed by ghosts.  So, you know, bonus entertainment value there.

Advanced Keyless Entry – Recently, the trusty old car gave up the ghost.  The new one has something called Advanced Keyless Entry, which should be abbreviated somehow into AWESOME.

There are no buttons to push – I simply walk up to the car with the keys in my pocket or purse, put my hand on the handle, and the car unlocks.  I cannot stress how insanely giddy this makes me, and I wonder if it will ever wear off.   Yet another sign of The Future.

My GPS -  The first experience I ever had with GPS was one that was bolted to the inside of the rental car when I was in Boston.  This was one that believed all the tunnels and overpasses of Boston existed on the same plane as the flat land, and that I could magically maneuver them with ease.  When I repeatedly told it that no, I could not make a left out of a tunnel, I think it may have laughed mockingly before the satellite reception cut out.

You might remember e’s post about her TomTom.  I, personally, have a Garmin.  It just happened to be the cheapest GPS at the place where I bought it, and I was, as you might expect, considerably skeptical about the usefulness of any GPS.  I must say, though, I love this thing.  It comes along on any adventure, and while I’ve witnessed other GPS systems lead people randomly into apartment complexes, my Garmin has never done anything of the sort.  It currently has a female British voice assigned to it, though the voice is turned off as much as possible.  To be honest, I don’t want to hear that long-suffering tone of derision that she gets when she has to say, “recalculating.”

What About You?

What are your favorite grown-up geek things?

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