When Worlds of Warcraft Collide: Should You Raid With Your Loved Ones?

E's old rogue, Gaeerina, with Mr. Wiggles

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a pretty large family, and we’re all involved in various geek pursuits of some kind or another.  Thus, it wasn’t really a surprise when I found out one of my sisters was interested in playing World of Warcraft.

I have to say, though, I had a little bit of apprehension.  It was like worlds were colliding that shouldn’t be.  Kind of like seeing your fifth-grade teacher at the mall, when everyone knows elementary school teachers only exist in the classroom.

My guy and I started playing at the same time, so we had sort of the same learning curve.  But my sister is now playing with friends who have been playing for years, and are rather hard-core about it.  Based on some conversations I’ve heard, there’s already some sniping and tension.  And she wonders why I’ve been reticent about joining in on the fun!

It’s not uncommon to moan about the incompetence of the tank in your group, or the healer, or that hunter who can’t get their pet under control.  But most of the time, you don’t actually know the person you want to throttle, or you only vaguely know them through a guild, as some intangible presence on the other side of the country.   What if you actually know the people involved beforehand, have to see them at work, or at church, or sleep next to them at night?

And what if you’re in a new relationship and your new significant other wants to join in on all the fun?  How do you handle the situation, and how do you gauge when they’re hardened enough to handle your “quirky” guild leader?

What do you do when your geek worlds collide?  Are you thrilled that you’ve converted yet another, or do you struggle to keep your interests private?  Or is adventuring a family thing in your house?

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