Why Are Girls Not Responding to My Dating Profile? Mabe ur spelin n grammers sux.

Okay, guys. I gotta level with you here. I’ve seen this problem on enough dating profiles that it’s driving me nuts.


I cannot tell you how many perfectly intelligent, wonderfully sweet geek men have profiles that make the perfectly intelligent, wonderfully sweet geek girls want to tear their hair out.

What Are You Thinking?!?!?

Does your resume contain spelling and grammar errors?  I’ll bet it doesn’t.  I’ll bet that you proofread that puppy like crazy.  Gave it the finetoothed comb treatment.  Or at least you handed it off to someone who could do it for you.

Why did you do that?  Because your resume is your first impression to a potential employer.  Oh, and those rumors about HR throwing resumes with mistakes into the shredder?  Not rumors.

So why are you being so careless with your love life?

Geek Girls Find Good Grammar Sexy

I know lots of girls who will disqualify a guy as a potential match if his profile is riddled with spelling mistakes.  (I know a couple girls that won’t tolerate a single error, but they’re a little crazy.)  It’s not that we’re Grammar Nazis, it’s just that if you’re that careless about your profile, you probably won’t be the great boyfriend and future husband that we need.

We understand that you’re probably a math guy.  Math guys don’t do the whole WORDS thing well.   But good news, Math Guy, the geek gods invented this wonderful thing called Spellcheck.  Oh, and grammar too.  You don’t even have to know what’s wrong, you just have to click n’fix.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Go run your profile through spellcheck.   Geek girls everywhere will thank you for it.

Is your profile a wreck?  Wheel it into my shop and I’ll fix it for you.

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