It Was Trash From First Hello: Fix Your Dating Email Subject Lines, Guys!

Still wondering why nobody replies to your online dating emails?

You’ve read her profile!

You’ve mentioned stuff about her profile in the email!

You didn’t cut and paste!

You came up with a pretty cool question that she should be dying to answer.

But yet, nothing.

In fact, she hasn’t even OPENED the email.

What’s gone wrong?

My Kingdom for a Subject!

In the Cubeville of Big Business, proper email etiquette requires a detailed subject line.  In email marketing, if your subject line doesn’t make thousands of people click to open your email, you’re out of a job.

Why do people think the rules don’t apply for online dating emails?

Check out this example of what the typical inbox looks like for a lady with an online dating profile on

Yawn.  Boring.  How many variations of “hello” can one girl stand to see?  Adding her name doesn’t make it any more clickable.

Now, put yourself in Laura’s shoes.   You’ve got ten minutes on before your boss walks by and catches you (again).   Which of these are you going to read?

Oh look!  There are two interesting emails!  One person picked up on her love of Wii Fit and the other one is congratulating her on her recently procured diploma.


Stand Out!

Many of my clients ask me what they should write for a subject line.  Should you be witty?  Ask a question?  Put a quote from a movie she likes?

The secret:  Any of those work.

As long as your subject line isn’t a variation on a standard greeting or “My name is John”, you will already be head and shoulders above the rest of the fish in the sea.

Happy Dating, Geek Friends.

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