Easy Win Contest: How Would Your Geek Icon Cook Steak? Win $25 to Outback Steakhouse!

Update:  We have a winner!! Thanks for playing!!

To help spread the word about their new menu offerings (15 meals under $15!), the fine folks at Outback Steakhouse have provided us with a most excellent prize to give away, geek friends.  How would you like $25 in free food?

(You’d be a hero at D&D night if you showed up with multiple Bloomin’ Onions!)

All you need to do to enter to win is tell us about how your favorite geek icon(s) would cook (or eat) a steak.

J got us started on Thursday with a story about Jean-Luc Picard grilling on the holodeck.   Now it’s your turn.

  • Would Expy the red dragon use his fire breath?
  • How would Bender from Futurama like his steak?
  • What about the Swedish Chef from The Muppets?
  • Could the hologram of Rimmer from Red Dwarf even eat steak?

While you’re thinking, here’s some inspiration:

Our weary adventurers were looking for a hearty meal that wouldn’t lighten their purses too much.   Errich pointed up at a glowing red sign.  “Ye Olde Outback,” he exclaimed.  “I haven’t seen one of these before!  Must be new here!

Ooooooh!” squealed Mielka, bouncing up and down.  “I smell steak!  Can we go, can we go?”

Fin sighed.  “Fine by me, but do you think they’ll let HIM in?”  He nodded towards the dirty dwarf.   Ag was scratching his dreadlocks, sending flakes of dried blood everywhere.

Never know if we don’t try,” Helion replied, holding open the heavy wooden door for the party.

As it turned out, Ye Olde Outback was kind enough to not have a dress code.  In fact, it had the air of a comfortable tavern, just in a strange location.  The adventurers flipped through the menu before deciding on their meals.

Have you noticed how many of these meals are under 15 silver?”  Errich said.   His voice trailed off, “I can pay for this meal with the money I pickpocketed from the lady on the sidewalk.

Fin wrinkled his nose.  “If it’s that cheap, it can’t be very good.

He changed his mind immediately after his plate of pepper encrusted steak arrived.  He dipped his slender finger into the cream sauce and tasted it.  “Mmmm… brandy.”

Mielka dug into her ribs and soon her face and hands were sticky with sauce.   She dipped her fingers one by one into her ale and sucked them clean.

Helion savored his sweet glazed pork tenderloin, carefully chewing each bite with his eyes closed.

Errich’s eyes popped when he saw the size of the shrimp on his place.  “I’ve been on the sea for years and I’ve never seen shrimp this big!” – he took a bite – “or this tasty!”

Even Ag the Dirty Dwarf was happy.  He ordered a giant fried onion and buried his face in it, devouring it in 20 seconds before ordering another, and another, and another.

When they finally left, they were full, very happy, and still had 4d20 gold to spend on a nightcap at the inn.    Could the evening be any better?

Winning the $25 Gift Card

The winner will be chosen at random on Monday, April 20, 2009.  You must enter by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday 4/19/09 to be eligible to win.

You can earn up to 5 entries in the contest!  Pick one thing to do… or do them all:

1 entry:   Leave a comment on this post with a short (1 paragraph or more) tale about your favorite geek icon(s) cooking/eating steak (or any of the other delicious Outback creations).

1 entry:  Tweet about the contest.  Log into Twitter and tweet any variation on the following:  “Win $25 to Outback @geeksdreamgirl’s website!  Free to enter at http://bit.ly/steak!”  (Don’t forget the @geeksdreamgirl part, otherwise I won’t see your tweet!)

3 entries:  Post a long version of your story on your blog with a link back to this post (http://bit.ly/steak).

Good luck!

J & I look forward to reading your geeky steak stories!

Learn More…

Check out the new Outback 15 under $15 menu and you too can have a steak adventure!

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