Revisits: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I was thrilled when the new episode of Red Dwarf turned out to be a good one.  It reminded me that in cinema and on TV, we’ve had many revisits over the years, with mixed results.

Here’s a review of some of the most notable, plus my Dream Revisit.

Notable Revisits

Star Trek- The original show only aired from 1966-69, and the first movie didn’t come out until ten years after that.  The first film might not have been perfect, but there was enough love for the Star Trek crew to bring them back for several film sequels, to say nothing of the many spinoffs and their successes.

The X-Files – The most recent X-Files movie came out six years after the show ended, and a good ten years or more since the show was at the height of its cult success.  Alas, this movie was a little more thriller, a little less monster-of-the-week, but it was so great to see Mulder and Scully again that I still hope for another film.

Indiana Jones – Almost 20 years after Indiana Jones’ “Last Crusade,” he embarks on a new adventure.  I like the 50′s sensibility of aliens, but unfortunately this movie is now reminiscent of every movie influenced by the original Indiana Jones trilogy, like, say, The Mummy.  At this point, I’d almost rather have a re-imagining than another sequel.

Doctor Who – Technically, it’s not a reimagining, but it was definitely a burst of new life into a well-loved, well-worn series.  I may have my personal issues with Russell T. Davies (the Slitheen? Really?), but that he created a success is unquestionable.  And while this new version gets slightly darker and more adult at times, the adorable Sarah Jane Adventures is there for the youngest viewers.

Star Wars – Let this be a cautionary tale for green screen-lovers everywhere.  I like that the second trilogy of films spawned a new generation of kids who love all things Star Wars, and even several babies with names like Anakin.  However, he just may have traumatized the previous generation beyond repair.  And, for crying out loud, George, stop messing with your older films.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you to stop picking at yourself?

Dream Revisit

Ghostbusters - A video game is a good start, but I want something really epic, something I can absorb with my Cherry Coke and Twizzlers without having to play.  They need to get on it now, before they have the same problems as the Indiana Jones films.

Your Thoughts?

What revisits have you loved or hated?  What do you want to see come back?

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